Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ex-Sludge Sludge

New 4-song EP from ex-members of Grout, Cunt Sludge, and Knife Behind The Smile is a nice nod to what Abominable Iron Sloth was doing on their first album: minimalist plodding sludge with lots of time signature breaks and screaming. TNATW take it a bit further with some Meat Shits-esque samples and somewhat slicker grooves - one wonders what they could accomplish with more time and real recording equipment. Supposedly they are back in the studio this summer - with any luck a full length album is not too far away.

UPDATE 8.31.13: Check out the group's Bandcamp page here and prepare to be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Love it. TNATW needs to put out some more songs soon!

winston95 said...

I hear ya man - fucking great record.