Thursday, December 25, 2014

Here To Ruin Christmas...

Thirteen prophetic years to the day that their seminal Greatest Shits was released comes Cunt Sludge's rehashed abortion of an album Remasterbate. Offensive in every way possible, including their gross inability to play a fucking instrument, these tardcore losers make bands like Sockeye sound like fucking maestros. Remasterbate is a fully re-envisioned discography that spans the band's two main years of productivity (a couple old-schoolers might remember "KYFS" and "Jerkin' Off" from the early 90's) and the sweet caress of technology's pittance actually makes the band sound somewhat approachable. The lyrics are where it's at though, now or then. Making GG Allin sound like a choir boy is no small task but the 'Sludge vocal duet would make the ol' scumfucker proud. Sit back, suck on that candy cane while you go down on your underage daughter and download this shit before you kill yourself. Enjoy.

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