Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming To A Dive Bar Near You...

I'm sure NOW is happy to know that grind legends Anal Cunt are currently perusing the country in support of their recent homage to 80's thrash, Fuckin' A. Got a couple tracks from their opening show at Church in good ol' Boston, MA, they're ripped off of a lo-res video but I don't think it really matters. Sound quality isn't A.C.'s strong point, it's all about the vibe, man. Of course they skipped Richmond this time around (again!), so I guess I'm fucked until next tour. Oh well. Check out their new album along with other merch at Patac Records.


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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Need Porno

Formed in 1982(!), the Bay Area-based Limbomaniacs would have probably faded into obscurity were it not for the fact that during their recording sessions, drummer Brain Mantia introduced producer Bill Laswell (and indirectly, the world) to guitar virtuoso Buckethead (Laswell would later employ Buckethead in his supergroup Praxis). All praise the Gibson God. As for the 'Maniacs though, their only album was 1990's Stinky Grooves, a funky, sometimes overly cheesy slab of tunes that would have probably been more of a hit had the trendy grunge movement not decimated every other musical genre that year. It's a nice throwback to the days of Urban Dance Squad, Fishbone and 24-7 Spyz and perfect for your next party, especially when the toilet's flooded.

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