Thursday, February 26, 2015

College Music

Being a tried and true Ween fan I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually stumble into the world that is the Flaming Lips. Not only did they both break into the early 90's quasi-mainstream together via Beavis And Butthead ("She Don't Use Jelly" and "Push Th' Little Daisies" for the non-video savvy millenials) the groups would actually tour together in 2006 for almost a dozen shows. Musically, the anti-rock parallels are almost blatant; Ween was still a little more Casio-esque lo-fi than the 'Lips but both were still tinkering with the edges of "alternative" rock for an audience who still didn't know what they liked yet. 1993's Transmissions was arguable step ahead of Ween as far as production quality/song structure goes, the music is way more palatable than anything on Pure Guava; though in Ween's defense it helps when you have a whole band instead of a Tascam 4-track. Outside of 120 Minute faves "Turn It On" and the aforementioned "She Don't Use Jelly", the best thing about this album is how the last 4 songs kind of blend into a weird 16-minute mini-epic. Not only is "Slow • Nerve • Action" the best (and most touching) song I think the Flaming Lips have ever done, the lack of song breaks between the last few tunes convert the end of the album into a strange story focusing on Jesus, early-life crises, lepidopterans and invisible dogs named Paul. Maybe I've powdered a few to many hydrocodones tonight but this album is essential. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why I think it's booty...

Man, it's been a while since my sorry ass posted anything. Been busy with nothing so what better way to return to form than with hip-hop legend and blog favorite Kool Keith. Continuing in the tradition of 1997's epic Sex Style, Spankmaster finds the Bronx wordsmith back in familiar territory - tricky tongue-twisting dirty rap to amaze and offend. "Eldaradoe's" and "Maxin In The Shade" harken the grooves of the old Kut Masta Kurt days, while "N.B.A" sinister flow would have fit perfectly on any of Dr. Octagon's records. "Jealous" is probably my favorite track; a sluggish, classic old-school boast where Keith disses the industry, focusing especially on DJ Funkmaster Flex. There are a few forgettable "guest" rappers on the record which he could have done without but all in all a huge return to form for Keith in the new millenium.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Glad Sid's Dead (part II)

Here's the 12-track Peorian demo that never made it past overdubbed Mormon propaganda tapes way back in 1985. Showcasing the power chord chops of Harry Homo, Bud Wiser and Rubberneck; lead singer Bloody F. Mess caterwauls through a feedback-laden 15 minutes with admirable psychosis. It's better than anything he's released since, which isn't saying a whole lot but I really dig the trash punk vibe Bloody oozes, a whole lot more than the pseudo-country shtick he champions now. You gotta love "Skinheads Suck" - especially when Bloody ends it with a truthfully guttural "I hate this record". Of course this demo was completely overshadowed by the phenomenon that became GG Allin (he evidently "produced" this masterpiece in a lame name-drop to sell a few more copies) and the friendship that engulfed the two punksters launched a notoriety all itself. Still, if it weren't for Bloody booking the gigs and egging the ol' scumfucker on for the "Hated In The Nation '85" tour who knows if GG would have ever started shitting on stage with any regularity (ha!) or made it to Dallas for the infamous Twilight Room gig. Regrettably, Hate got lost in the fecal shuffle and Bloody wouldn't surface with another steady band until the Skabs in 1990. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The first release from the prolific Athens, GA duo Jucifer. Recorded in the rundown home of band members Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood in 1994 and locally distributed via cassette (exact quantities unknown), the recording eventually made its way to Grindcore Karaoke Records and got mastered by AxCx/AgN vet Scott Hull (if anyone wants the first-person recount it's available here). While their newer stuff suffers from overproduction (especially their forgettable foray with Relapse Records), Nadir is the absolute essence of the doom sludge genre. Exactly what I want from a band. Sounding like a lo-fi 4-track bastard mix of Otesanek and whatever Eyehategod clone you're listening to, the five dronish doom tracks reek of alcohol and dirt with vocals straight from the mutant Agent Orange baby in Combat Shock. Just the drums alone make me want to smash shit. Awesome stuff, this is what bands like Soilent Green aspire to. Enjoy.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Harsh-out sludge made by three otherwise well-adjusted men...

I am always stunned when I stumble upon an amazing band offering their shit up for next to nothing on Bandcamp. Reminding me of a cross between and Fudge Tunnel and Snailface, No Anchor offer up an overwhelming discography of sludgy hardcore spanning the last 5 years. These crazy Australians hold nothing back, their feedback-laden scream-a-thons are a welcome reboot to the shitty deathcore/brutal death metal I've been stuck with lately. I cannot imagine you will be disappointed with this band, if you are then it's time to leech off another fucking blog.


Four on the floor
Ad Rock's out the door
MCA's in the back 'cause he's skeezin' with a whore...

Go fucking Pats