Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Glad Sid's Dead

Like most people, I caught wind of good ol' Bloody F. Mess via his GG Allin worship zine "Hated In The Nation" back in '86 or so (I actually still have ish #2!). At the time he was fronting the Illinois punk trio Hate which managed to shit out some cassette-only albums (ahh, the 80's) dubbed over freebie Mormon tapes. Touring with GG and contributing both a steady stream of drugs and opening spoken word performances (much of this is documented on Insult & Injury Volume 2 - The Bloody Years), Bloody disbanded Hate and formed the Skabs in 1988. The result is a somewhat uneven 22 minutes of punk. A couple good songs here and there ("Mammogram Days" is a personal fave) but nothing really special. I guess I was expecting some more Allin-esque obscenity-laden smutcore but you can't blame the guy for trying to do his own thing outside the shadow of his quasi-hero that helped give him a career. Speaking of which, while I don't really know much of what Mess has done since 6th Grade Field Trip (save some oh, so tired pro-marijuana bandwagoning back when Cypress Hill were blowing up), I gotta say I think he got a bit of a raw deal in regards to the posthumous Allin legacy that peaked a decade or so ago. So what that Allin supposedly disowned him - this from the guy who preached "I Love Nothing"? And yeah, so Bloody released some kinda shitty-sounding live recordings to try and cash in on the cow - who cares? At that time everyone with a grade-Z video of the Public Animal was dubbing the shit and selling it through MMR. And lots are still doing it and they don't get half the criticism he did back when the iron was hot. Bloody was there when hardly anyone outside of New England knew who or what GG was, and he probably had as much to do with introducing the world to the late scumfuc genius as anyone.

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