Sunday, December 19, 2010

Essential Literature

So many folks have tried to output the definite biography on GG Allin. It started back in the day with Terry Snider's opus but he turned out to be an über-fan who just wanted to amass as much paraphernalia as he could. Next was Joe Coughlin who was (from my limited correspondence with him) a really dedicated guy; he was hung out to dry by quasi- "fans" and "friends" of the late scumfuc - poor guy buys a computer and gets 400 pages into it when he finds out his primary "source" was a fucking blowhard with a scrapbook of made up shit. If you can find an ish of Naked Agression #4 you can read about his frustrating journey or you can check up on his progress here and here. Regardless, with all that said, in comes Evan Cohen. Instead of trying to decrypt the message behind the madness, transrcibe lyrics, and find out where the Jabbers' first gig was, he simply scribbled a diary of 90 days touring with the recently paroled GG and the Murder Junkies. You could easily find a worse rock star bio, I finally finished the "major-release" bio Mustaine; and Cohen's slim 128 page diatribe of shitting, pissing, and jerking off make Megadeth look like a fucking knitting troupe. Cohen's got a great sense of humor and takes the position of a "happy to be part of the gang" fly-on-the-wall. Included is a humorous CD of snippets and impromptu jams, some recorded days before GG's death - enjoy.

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