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Sorry guys, no time for posts this weekend - I'm stuck painting the house for market... See you on Monday! Check out some of the other great blogs down below for your music fix!!!! Cheers!

Friday, February 26, 2010



Choice. Wow, what can you say. Without a doubt Houston's most insane hip hop export. Forget H.W.A., BO$$, Yo-Yo and M.C. Lyte trying to out-swear each other, Choice blows them out of the water with her inane vulgarity. And she's on Rap-A-Lot to boot, adding that quintessential east Texan bargain-basement quality. As an aside, I've always thought listening to a Rap-A-Lot Records release is like watching a shot-on-video movie (Redneck Zombies comes to mind). Yeah, it's technically a movie but it's just... different. In a cheap way. You feel like you're getting ripped off somehow - and to anyone who disagrees - compare Rap-A-Lot's We Can't Be Stopped to Def American's The Geto Boys and get a life. 

Choice first surfaced on Willie Dee's landmark first album Controversy as a "guest" appearance in the he/she rap-off gem "I Need Some Pussy." According to Willie Dee's "Little Hooker" a few years later (on his 1992 I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier) Choice sucked off the Rap-A-Lot owner to get her record contract, which is surprising because the thing is dude, she is really ugly! What the fuck? Whatever, I'm not a rap album producer so who am I to judge but sheesh, she looks really, really weird. Kinda like a dude. Anyways, among the "hits" on this classic include the title "Payback" in which she disses all the big names in the industry (gotta love the whole verse blasting Too $hort); it's their hats she's stepping on on the album cover. Wait, I'm confused, she actually banged all these big-name West Coast rappers? Huh, I guess trick hos were a running a little slim back in 1990. And were they really dissing her in public too? I dunno, I can't really recall hearing about her and I was pretty into the rap scene for a suburban white kid (shit, I was a Vibe subscriber for chrissakes). Anyways, "Pipe Dreams" is her token explicit sex song and "Down With My Man" is a weird subservient track... I have to stop, you really can't put this album into words, ya just gotta hear it. The disclaimer reads "If Penthouse, Playboy, Freddy Crugar, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and violence on TV are OK, so is this album!"  'Nuff said.

Amazingly, Choice lasted long enough to release another record 2 years later that dropped a single called, get this, "HIV Positive". The musical version of Pink Flamingos - the tune is such a train wreck of songwriting that you couldn't do worse if you tried. "He didn't know she's H-I-V positive / Ya know, the AIDS / H-I-V positive / Stuck his dick in some fucked up shit." Absolutely priceless. Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I should have posted that album instead. My bad.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr. Henrietta Collins


I like Henry Rollins. He just seems like a cool dude. Yeah, I agree, I could do without the spoken word quasi-comedy performances but other than that I think he'd be pretty funny to have at a party or sing for your band. I also like that back in 1986 he didn't take himself too seriously. His first solo album, Hot Animal Machine is a pretty solid post-Black Flag release with a couple covers of Suicide, Velvet Underground and Richard Berry tunes. Rollins covering a song about a comic book antihero? Sweet. But seriously, I think his self-written songs are the real standouts - "Man And A Woman" and "There's A Man Outside" are killer. I know a million blogs have posted Rollins' from-the-same-era Drive By Shooting EP recorded under the "Henrietta Collins" alias but not as many do the Machine such justice. So here you go.

One Hit Wonders (that never had a hit)

Who knows if anyone out there has ever heard of (or cares about) the old school New York rappers Mike Ski and Raven T, known collectively as the Dismasters. Up until the internet, I knew them only by their song "Small Time Hustler," a track I accidentally recorded off some random freestyle radio rap show in highschool. I loved the tune but my cassette ran out before the DJ named the band. Fast forward a few decades, one day the lyrics popped into my head, googled them and voilà. Thank you internet, within a second I knew who the band was; thank you Discogs, within a week I had the 12" record in my hand. Wow, not only the song I remember but the instrumental and a cappella versions too! The record has another track, "You Must Be Crazy (Brutus)" which is fine but instantly forgettable. Who cares, I got what I wanted. And now you can too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birth of Deathcore


With the recent release of Carnifex's newest, Hell Chose Me, I thought it a good time to revisit the album that launched my love of deathcore, 2005's Dead In My Arms. Some consider Suicide Silence to be the fathers of the genre (via 2003's The Cleansing), maybe that would be true if they weren't so boring. Carnifex took the sound to another level with this album; it not only in sold well, it also achieved the monumental task of getting deathcore across to the masses. Immensely huge tracks such as "Slit Wrist Savior" had never been done to such a level before, they truly substantiate the band's innovative relevance in heavy music history. They've gone down a more standard death metal route with their latest material and I can't blame them for wanting to change styles, yet I really think they were at their peak with this one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rotting Joke


Gee, I should have known I had a stinker when I saw this one. Great "ultra brutal death" band name with a witty album title. Sweet Photoshopped cover with token porn star tit queen. Funny song titles. Why wasn't I surprised at the sudden ennui I felt playing each indistinguishable track? Enjoy this exercise in Estonian gorecore banality.

Monday, February 22, 2010

In My Head


I know there's lots of squabble around the internet regarding Black Flag and their various singers and sound - when it comes down to it, the band was so ahead of its time that they were not only creating musical genres, they were destroying them. In My Head is the band's final studio album; as with most it's a significant stylistic departure from the album before (1985's Loose Nut) which can be attributed to guitarist Ginn's endless experimentation into (at that point) was what has been termed "bluesy proto-grunge-metal." Sure. It is crazy to look back 25 years at what an incredible guitarist Ginn is, it's too bad he'll probably never get the recognition he truly deserves. His all-over-the-neck chord progressions and harmolodic wanderings up and down the fretboard are sometimes a little off-beat (as if the rest of the band is trying to catch up with him) but nonetheless fascinating. There is criticism that Rollins' vocals are mixed low - while admittedly they are I don't think it hurts the album at all, and each album was Ginn's latest showpony to tinker with anyways. I'm a big fan of In My Head; twelve lasting, classic Black Flag tracks - "White Hot" and "Drinking And Driving" are without a doubt two of their best tunes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Wave '81


Since my dad's British, some of the cooler events of my childhood were the trips we'd make overseas every few years to visit family in the UK. A great bunch of folks across the pond who are the most wonderful hosts  - too bad I don't get to see them as often as I wish I could. One of the more memorable trips (1981) had us returning to the good ol' U.S. with a mix tape containing some up-and-coming British bands. Who knew in 6 months Duran Duran would be a Top 20 chart staple for the next decade or two? Well, we sure didn't but it's funny to think that we (and the kids on our tiny cul-de-sac) heard them first. Of course no one (except my brother if he ever reads this) will have any interest in the Tenpole Tudor, Buggles, Adam Ant, Duran Duran and ELO tracks on this website but I put them up for posterity so you could see how hip and on the pulse of the music industry my 8-year old ass was thirty years ago.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What the....?


The first album by supergroup Praxis is a bit of a tough swallow at first - I can't remember who actually brought it to my attention. Methinks it was the Buckethead-loving bartender at the restaurant I line cooked at years ago; unsurprisingly the guy was kind of a weirdo - one of those "just into weird shit to say that he's into weird shit" folk. In a (somewhat) unrelated story he once asked me over to play some guitar on some godawful Devo-like midi recordings he had done. I reluctantly obliged (gotta keep the bartender happy) and after playing some brutally awful guitar and drinking a ton of beers he throws on some amputee porn to "just chill out and laugh at". No shit. Interestingly, I don't know what was weirder - the fact that he threw on amputee porn or the fact that Tom Byron was acting in it... and I recognized him. I don't know what that says about either me or him but I guess it was a lean month for ol' Tom and ya gotta pay the rent. Regardless - this album is pretty much the musical equivalent of amputee porn - it's enticing in a weird way but annoying in others. Imagine an epileptic mixing a 64-track album mid-seizure and you have some idea of what to expect. Ethereal, heavy, fascinating, cyber-blasting, boring, jaw-dropping, slamming funky shit. Enjoy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Massachusetts Metal


Coming out of the Boston suburbs the late 90's, Reveille is a personal favorite - their first full length Laced is a wicked solid dose of rap metal adrenaline. Pretty much every song on it rocks, even the few which start out a tad lacking make up for it with a solid breakdown at the end. The lyrics suffer a touch of "white boy rapping" syndrome here and there but can you really dis a band who gets B. Real to drop vocals? The band broke up in 2003 and some of the guys went on to form Genuflect (who to me sound exactly like a second-rate Reveille playing boring songs) and a few other bands... oh well. Probably my most-played CD of 1999, here's to a band that did more with two albums then others do in decades.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Gore(grind)


Had to throw this up here. The new demo from Mexxxicunt PornGrinders Clit Amputation. See my blog a few days ago for my thoughts on DIY goregrind - I'm putting this up since vocalist Squirting Pus has a great blog that I've lifted TONS of stuff from... seems only fair I give a little promo. Supposedly the vocals have no effects put on them... uhhhh.... yeah. Right.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Is Scary....


Screamo metalcore pioneers Eighteen Visions' second full-length Until The Ink Runs Out is still one of the best heavy albums of the last decade. Sounding nothing like their later alternative nonsense, the album is fast, brutal and angry. A unintentionally hilarious statement from a "later on" fan sums it up: "well, i like 18V, but this is like way different." Thank you, 12-year-old idiot.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Suck It Suck It Suck It Suck It Suck It Suck It


The first time I heard of GG Allin was an issue of Maximum Rock 'N' Roll back in my 9th grade TV Production class (yes, I was an A/V geek); my buddy Keith was showing off an interview with him that had enough "fucks", "shits" and "clits" to pique anyone's interest, especially a burgeoning vulgarian like myself. The interview was both hilarious and ridiculous, I could not believe what I was reading and blew it off as a joke. Keith would not be outdone, in a day or two he passed on to me a sloppily recorded cassette and my musical life would never be the same. The album was 1985's Eat My Fuc, GG's incredible opus to obscenity which not only sounds like it was recorded on a tape deck but probably would have sounded better if it had been. "Hard Candy Cock", "Clit Licker"... I mean c'mon, what was a 13-year old to think? I was an instant fan. Luckily, I lived 20 minutes outside of NYC, one of the few places in the country (other than Boston, I guess) that you could find his stuff at the time, a short trip for a GG fix. There went the lunch money. I stayed a big fan of his stuff throughout the 80's - the sleazier the better - capping off with '89's incredible Suicide Sessions. I didn't buy into the eventual "GG Allin Mission" and his quasi-political stance against the music industry; while admirable at times, it seemed to eventually swallow him (and his image) up. I felt the music suffered as well - I'll always maintain that it's a lot more fun listening to "Cock On The Loose" then "I Pledge Allegiance To Disobedience". Anyways, Eat My Fuc is a real treat, a lo-fi snapshot into the life of a total musical outcast who was (believably) content to do it for no one but himself. A highlight is the "Live At A7 Club In NYC" (playing with the defunct Jabbers) as he gets lauded and jeered at the entire time - yet still leaves 'em wanting more with an "OK, we'll be back". RIP GG.

Oh, by the way... for the ultimate reference guide to early 80's G.G., check out Terminal Boredom's incredibly thorough articles... Part 1 and Part 2. Fantastic stuff.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I love how some of these DIY cybergore albums advertise themselves: Brutal Death Grind vs. Insane Goregrind Holocaust. Wow, that's saying something there. Unfortunately, like lots of 70's grindhouse horror movies that rarely lived up to the garish posters and taglines, cybergrind is definitely an acquired taste which requires a LOT of patience. Not only because you'll have to sit through endless movie samples before the 6 seconds of drum machine noise making up the "song", but such juicy band names as Hideous Discharge Of Anal Fungi, Mutilated By A Kangaroo and Putrid Cock Purulence (really?) are going to leave you feeling a little gypped once you actually listen to them. Regardless, I do like some of the cybergrind out there - this split CD from 2004 showcases Switzerland's Embalming Theatre (solid yet typical blastbeat deathgrind by guys who have been doing it over a decade) and Netherlands' Intumescence (splatterey goregrind noise somewhat in the Regurgitate style but a lot more rough). Not nearly the best, probably not the worst, but worth a listen just to understand what I'm babbling about above. Cheers!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a week...


(from their record label...) Shepherd was founded during the depressive and cold winter of 2001/2002 out of four individuals who share their fascination and love for true classic slow moving rock. Egos have been kept outside and the guys started to play. So the story goes: rehearsals went pretty good, gigs followed. Among building a fanbase around their hometown Berlin they slayed crowds at 2002's acclaimed Stoned From The Underground festival as well as on tour with the Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley's drone outfit Sunn O))) and top-notch noise heroes Isis.
After the critically acclaimed debut Laments (2003), the guys locked themselves in the studio and recorded nine tracks that demonstrate a huge step forward and a new direction. Shepherd kicked in their 70's riffrock beliefs and noise/sludge influences. Whilst still immersed a hundred feet deep in doom tradition, they opened their hearts to the likes of Trapeze and Zeppelin on one hand, and the sick, slow-moving sludge of Grief and 13 on the other. Shepherd brought these new touchstones together and The Coldest Day's completely new sound was the result.
This album is one of the few that is a complete listen from start to finish. Sure, some parts are better then others ("Wednesday" is a real standout) but it flows nicely from one day to another like a bad dream. "Doomsday" is just a miserably depressing 17-minute dirge of noise and babbling, prefect background noise for a suicide. Great for a long drive or standing in line at the post office. The band broke up in 2004, RIP.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grindcore Gods


Dan Lilker is the Puff Daddy of the heavy music genre. Not only is he an incredibly versatile musician (bass guitar, guitar, drums, piano, upright bass) but he has also played in (and founded) some of the most influential metal acts in history. The list goes on and on... Nuclear Assault (thrash), Anthrax (thrash), Stormtroopers Of Death (crossover), Exit-13 (grindcore), Malformed Earthborn (industrial sludge techno weirdcore), The Ravenous (death metal), Hemlock (metal), Venomous Concept (punk), Crucifist (black metal), Overlord Exterminator (black metal) and, my favorite, Brutal Truth. The NYC legends started out with more of a death metal flavor with 1990's Birth Of Ignorance but by 1997 had blown conventional grind out of the water with their schizophrenic death/crust/grind assault. Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom sounds as good today as it did over a decade ago. Recently reformed (and with a new album out), Lilker and the BT gang continue to redefine the genre they helped create. Graaaaaaaawwwwwwwwlllllll!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

All I Wanna Do Is To Thank You...


Geggy Tah is one of those bands that can somehow appeal to people (yours truly included) who "just aren't into bands like that." Sort of Flaming Lips/Ween-ish in a way, Geggy Tah floats through musical genres without missing a beat or leaving tongue firmly planted in cheek. While everyone has probably heard their one hit "Whoever You Are", the band has three albums worth of top notch material, this greatest hits compilation narrows the best down even further. Kind of jazzy, kind of lounge grunge, definitely what you'd call alternative, "Aliens Somewhere" is a personal fave.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your Mind Is A Weapon


Who knows why Gat-Rot never hit it big. Maybe they missed the Hatebreed/metalcore wave just a tad before it morphed into deathcore. Regardless, the third album by these sadly ignored Tuscon, AZ grinders is well worth a listen. Huge breakdowns, chugga-chugga riffage throughout, well-produced anger. Lyrics are in the straight-edge "stand up for yourself" vein so if you're a tad over-the-hardcore-hill like me a few eyerolls will surely accompany but no biggie. One of the best beatdown albums I've ever heard. Evidently they're still together so hopefully they'll release something else someday!

UPDATE 4.10.13: The boys got a facebook page going and are making their old-school shit available on Bandcamp! Check it out and drop the boys some fucking duckets!!!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boca Juniors

A month or so ago I posted Quarashi's Guerilla Disco album with a nice little bio about them. What I forgot to mention was their vastly superior Icelandic version of 2002's U.S. release Jinx. Here it is. While a little less-produced then its American counterpart, Xeneizes has a lot more hip hop flavor and much better lyrics - it shows what a band can do without a record label crawling up their asses looking for the next Crazy Town.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Polish Grind


Hailing from Białystok, Poland comes the long-lived Dead Infection. Chastised as Carcass clones back in the early 90's (c'mon be fair... Carcass had waaaay better production and avoided DI's weird broken English song titles) Dead Infection's debut full-length still holds its own in a sea of GarageBand "ree-ree" goregrind clones. I never would have thought when I got this CD from Relapse Records back in 1993 I'd still be listening to their new stuff almost 20 years later. I'm sure the band's line-up has changed as many times as they've had releases, and Surgical Disembowelment isn't going to impress everyone but it's obvious the guys from Białystok were into what they were doing and it shows. Of course it sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel with mics wrapped in cheese cloth but that's another story...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stabwoundz..... with a "Z"


Netherlands' 37 Stabwoundz was born in the early summer of 2001 after Servé Olieslagers (guitarist) parted ways with the successful band Born From Pain. With a sound similar to Hatebreed, Superjoint Ritual and other metalcore acts, it took until 2003 for the band to finally release its first LP, Embrace Solitude. While sporting nothing hugely original, the album definitely has its own hook and eclipses most of the other Hatebreed clones out there. They've since broke up (2007) and the band members have gone onto other things... too bad. It would have been nice to see what the future could have brought.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

dystopia [disˈtōpēə] NOUN An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.


Without a doubt, Dystopia is one of my favorite bands. Maybe it's because I have a subconscious kinship with any band that has a drummer/vocalist. Or maybe it's just because they play incredibly heavy sociological sludgey crust. The Aftermath is a compilation CD of their various splits and 7-inches, a great introduction to a band who is interested in actually writing songs instead of gurgling passages out of a medical manual. And for once, the many movie samples add to the songs instead of acting as boring album padding. What an amazing slab of misanthropic despair screaming for sympathy, "Socialized Death Sentence" and "Diary Of A Battered Child" are real standouts.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

SoCal Thrashcore


As a 13-year old NJ suburbanite back in the day, it was really cool to feel like you had the "inside scoop" on up-and-coming hardcore bands from all the way out in sunny California. When Suicidal Tendencies debuted their eponymous Suicidal Records for 1987's Join The Army, a bunch of bands jumped on the label, including No Mercy, Los Cycos and Beowülf. All were pioneers of the newly forming Southern California thrash/metal sound, had incredible album covers drawn by Micheal Seiff, and most had some connection to Mike Muir (lead singer of ST). One of these was a hardcore outfit from Venice called Excel. Their first album, Split Image (1987), is a classic slab of 80's metal but their sophomore effort, The Joke's On You is a much more interesting album. If I may be so bold as to date myself, I remember buying this cassette waiting in line for The Who (!) reunion tickets (a good show at Philly's now-demolished Veterans Stadium) all morning at a mall in Rockaway, NJ. Wow, the days before the internet, huh? I was so excited, popped the tape into the 8-track converter in my Cadillac Seville on the way home and..... fuck. What the hell is this shit? Where's the Split Image sound? A cover of Sting's "Message In A Bottle"? Fuck this. And so the album stayed pretty much unplayed for nearly a decade. Welcome to the new millennium, I picked it up as a cheap used CD and WOW, what a mistake I made. Massively ahead of its time, The Joke's On You is one of the most creative albums I've ever heard. It is all over the place, packed with almost 50 songs worth of riffs and chord changes, making it a real precursor to math-metal (though not nearly as lame). Just good grooves and breakdowns in a progressive thrash vein. Vocals are mixed a tad high but that's a small criticism of a great album. And yeah, you gotta deal with the Sting cover but whatever. Interestingly, the band debated bringing legal action against Metallica in 1991 for stealing their riffs on "Enter Sandman" - you'll know the song when you hear it. Enjoy!

P.S. for even more obscure Excel, check out Seeking Refuge, their weird '95 stoner metal "comeback" album...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spartan sludge

Mahakala, a form of Lord Shiva, is the almighty that runs the universe with his consort Kali, the one who is believed to control time. He ultimately swallows the whole creation of the Universe and gets devoured by Kali. Or, if you're not into Tibetan Buddhism, Mahakala is a sludgey 4-piece from Greece. Here's their 2005 demo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What We Need Is.....


Back in my industrial days when I was buying up everything that had Al Jourgensen's name attached to it, I picked up this 3-track self-grandiose debut by Lard. I had seen the cover hundreds of times before, that annoying lamprey staring out at me from the Sam Goody CD racks, just never got around to dropping $10 for it. What a mistake. Dead Kennedy's frontman Jello Biafra on vocals, Al and Paul Barker (Ministry's primary honchos) on guitar and bass respectively, and Jeff Ward (NIN, Revolting Cocks, etc.) on drums elevated Lard to true indie supergroup status. While it sounded nothing like what I expected, I can't imagine it sounding any different. Ranging from industrial-ish thrash to strange rockabilly-ish be-bop to acid-laden drudgery (the 32-minute "Time To Melt" is absolutely mesmerizing), the Power Of Lard EP is essential in everyone's collection. They've got a few other albums out there but this is definitely my fave.

SOUNDS LIKE: Intestines And Excrement Gurgling Down A Plughole

Another "sickest and most brutal band ever" to emerge out of the slop and actually offer a little bit more than the generic status quo. UK's Amputated delight us with their piggish gurgles, solid breakdowns and witty generic movie samples. Well produced and a LOT better than most. Check out their new album and then buy it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Those crazy Boston kids...

In Seth Putnam's own words... 

"Shit Scum was formed sometime in 1988. They had other names for it before that. Seth first got in contact with Fred when he saw an ad in a record store looking for musicians (I forgot what in particular). Seeing Cryptic Slaughter as the only influence listed, Seth decided to call, because there weren't many people in the Boston area into that band. During the conversation, Seth talked Fred into seeing his band, Satan's Warriors open for Executioner (Seth's last show with Executioner). Fred told him he had a band called Scum. They kept in contact, and when Anal Cunt were going to do their last show (Anal Cunt only formed with the intention of playing one show - this was that show - but Anal Cunt did play in a couple of basements and living rooms before that), Seth told Fred about it. Fred and his pals didn't show up, and Seth wanted Fred to see Anal Cunt. So, a couple days later, they set up a show with Anal Cunt and Fred's band, Shit Scum. This was the first Shit Scum show. It was at a warehouse Fred rented for Shit Scum to practice in, and was filled with old coffins from the previous owner. Since that show did well (on 2 days notice), they decided to have the first ever "Monsters Of Shit" festival, with all of the worst bands from the area. This was where Phlegm did their first show and Satan's Warriors did their last one.

Later in the year, Fred asked Seth to play bass on the first Shit Scum studio recording, "Self Mutilation". So, from then on, Seth was a full time member. They did one show in Pennsylvania in early 1990. Shortly after that, Seth and Fred (without Wayne) went to the prestigious Fort Apache Studios, where tons of famous gay college rock bands had recorded. The engineer hated them, and even tried to talk them into quitting the session and renting a 4-track instead. He was answered with "fuck you, you fag". So after tons of alcohol was consumed, the record was finally done. Fred did the guitar and vocals and Seth did bass, drums and backing vocals. 12 songs were recorded. They left owing the studio money, and the studio kept the master reel.

Shortly after that, Anal Cunt went on tour in Germany and would do Shit Scum covers now and then. The head of Ecocentric Records, Matthias Weigand, loved the cover of the song "Shit Scum", and was interested in hearing Shit Scum. A couple years later, Matthias wanted to release a 7". Seth called the gay studio where they recorded it, and asked about the master reel. The guy said "it's right here, pick it up whenever you want". He didn't know Shit Scum owed at least $200 in studio time. So, Seth rushed over to get the reel right away, before they remembered they owed money. Seth went in and mixed 7 of the songs from the session and sent it to the label. Due to procrastination, Fred never got a cover together for the record so Matthias made one up, and that's how the concept for that cover was born. The record was entitled Manson Is Jesus (named after one of the songs). Fred wanted the record to be called I Wish This Record Could Punch You In The Face and have a fist on the cover. For those who have the Japanese or European cover of Anal Cunt's Everyone Should Be Killed (with a big fist on it), that wasn't a ripoff of Shit Scum, some fag at Earache changed the cover I gave him. I was furious when I saw the cover. By the time the record came out, Shit Scum had broken up, and Fred was playing guitar in Anal Cunt."

What more do you need to know???

Monday, February 1, 2010


Pretend Korn was a bunch of Latinos from LA and you'd have Ankla. Way better then you'd expect.