Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr. Henrietta Collins


I like Henry Rollins. He just seems like a cool dude. Yeah, I agree, I could do without the spoken word quasi-comedy performances but other than that I think he'd be pretty funny to have at a party or sing for your band. I also like that back in 1986 he didn't take himself too seriously. His first solo album, Hot Animal Machine is a pretty solid post-Black Flag release with a couple covers of Suicide, Velvet Underground and Richard Berry tunes. Rollins covering a song about a comic book antihero? Sweet. But seriously, I think his self-written songs are the real standouts - "Man And A Woman" and "There's A Man Outside" are killer. I know a million blogs have posted Rollins' from-the-same-era Drive By Shooting EP recorded under the "Henrietta Collins" alias but not as many do the Machine such justice. So here you go.

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