Friday, February 26, 2010



Choice. Wow, what can you say. Without a doubt Houston's most insane hip hop export. Forget H.W.A., BO$$, Yo-Yo and M.C. Lyte trying to out-swear each other, Choice blows them out of the water with her inane vulgarity. And she's on Rap-A-Lot to boot, adding that quintessential east Texan bargain-basement quality. As an aside, I've always thought listening to a Rap-A-Lot Records release is like watching a shot-on-video movie (Redneck Zombies comes to mind). Yeah, it's technically a movie but it's just... different. In a cheap way. You feel like you're getting ripped off somehow - and to anyone who disagrees - compare Rap-A-Lot's We Can't Be Stopped to Def American's The Geto Boys and get a life. 

Choice first surfaced on Willie Dee's landmark first album Controversy as a "guest" appearance in the he/she rap-off gem "I Need Some Pussy." According to Willie Dee's "Little Hooker" a few years later (on his 1992 I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier) Choice sucked off the Rap-A-Lot owner to get her record contract, which is surprising because the thing is dude, she is really ugly! What the fuck? Whatever, I'm not a rap album producer so who am I to judge but sheesh, she looks really, really weird. Kinda like a dude. Anyways, among the "hits" on this classic include the title "Payback" in which she disses all the big names in the industry (gotta love the whole verse blasting Too $hort); it's their hats she's stepping on on the album cover. Wait, I'm confused, she actually banged all these big-name West Coast rappers? Huh, I guess trick hos were a running a little slim back in 1990. And were they really dissing her in public too? I dunno, I can't really recall hearing about her and I was pretty into the rap scene for a suburban white kid (shit, I was a Vibe subscriber for chrissakes). Anyways, "Pipe Dreams" is her token explicit sex song and "Down With My Man" is a weird subservient track... I have to stop, you really can't put this album into words, ya just gotta hear it. The disclaimer reads "If Penthouse, Playboy, Freddy Crugar, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and violence on TV are OK, so is this album!"  'Nuff said.

Amazingly, Choice lasted long enough to release another record 2 years later that dropped a single called, get this, "HIV Positive". The musical version of Pink Flamingos - the tune is such a train wreck of songwriting that you couldn't do worse if you tried. "He didn't know she's H-I-V positive / Ya know, the AIDS / H-I-V positive / Stuck his dick in some fucked up shit." Absolutely priceless. Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I should have posted that album instead. My bad.

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23 Wolves said...

Got this via your comment on Cosmic Hearse...never knew who this lady was, I don't think she is credited in the liner notes of Controversy. Thanks a ton!