Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grindcore Gods


Dan Lilker is the Puff Daddy of the heavy music genre. Not only is he an incredibly versatile musician (bass guitar, guitar, drums, piano, upright bass) but he has also played in (and founded) some of the most influential metal acts in history. The list goes on and on... Nuclear Assault (thrash), Anthrax (thrash), Stormtroopers Of Death (crossover), Exit-13 (grindcore), Malformed Earthborn (industrial sludge techno weirdcore), The Ravenous (death metal), Hemlock (metal), Venomous Concept (punk), Crucifist (black metal), Overlord Exterminator (black metal) and, my favorite, Brutal Truth. The NYC legends started out with more of a death metal flavor with 1990's Birth Of Ignorance but by 1997 had blown conventional grind out of the water with their schizophrenic death/crust/grind assault. Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom sounds as good today as it did over a decade ago. Recently reformed (and with a new album out), Lilker and the BT gang continue to redefine the genre they helped create. Graaaaaaaawwwwwwwwlllllll!!!!

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