Monday, February 15, 2010


I love how some of these DIY cybergore albums advertise themselves: Brutal Death Grind vs. Insane Goregrind Holocaust. Wow, that's saying something there. Unfortunately, like lots of 70's grindhouse horror movies that rarely lived up to the garish posters and taglines, cybergrind is definitely an acquired taste which requires a LOT of patience. Not only because you'll have to sit through endless movie samples before the 6 seconds of drum machine noise making up the "song", but such juicy band names as Hideous Discharge Of Anal Fungi, Mutilated By A Kangaroo and Putrid Cock Purulence (really?) are going to leave you feeling a little gypped once you actually listen to them. Regardless, I do like some of the cybergrind out there - this split CD from 2004 showcases Switzerland's Embalming Theatre (solid yet typical blastbeat deathgrind by guys who have been doing it over a decade) and Netherlands' Intumescence (splatterey goregrind noise somewhat in the Regurgitate style but a lot more rough). Not nearly the best, probably not the worst, but worth a listen just to understand what I'm babbling about above. Cheers!

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