Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jingle Balls

Ah, 1999, what an epic year for nü metal and my drug habits. Korn, riding high on their muti-platinum Life Is Peachy released this little single right in time for the holiday season. A couple remixes and live tracks as well as a unreleased gem full of all the local Bakersfield holiday spirit you can stand. If you (still) love Korn - it will absolutely raise a dry smile. If you hate Korn and everything they contributed to/took from heavy music it will absolutely ruin your holiday season and justify every reason you hate them. And then you can go check out their Christmas Song and kill yourself. Cheers!

P.S. If anyone out there gives a shit, I apologize about the lack of posts lately; been tied up since the holiday rollercoaster started back in November. Don't worry, I plan to be back in full swing come 2014!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Boston OG's

Ten wonderful minutes of old-school hardcore from way back in 1983, the debut 7" from New England stalwarts Psycho sounds a lot more like the poppy punk Ramones then the noisy grindish hardcore they'd eventually degrade to. Perennial vocalist/guitarist Johnny X gives his gravelly voice a rest on this one so one-shot crooner Mick Keddy can fulfill the vocal duties - a rather pleasant change of pace. Straight, no-bones punk from a working-man's band who has consistently been doing it for the past 30 years. Fucking amazing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Most Of The Bands I Like Either Broke Up Or Now Suck

Way back in 2001 when they weren't hung up on doing annoying-as-fuck experimental noise nonsense, Ohio sludge outfit Sloth released their first full length LP parodying every genre in the industry. Every song on Division 1 State Champs is a gem and everyone who doesn't get the joke can fuck off. The opener "Paralyse" is a tough favorite to beat, an overwhelming sludgeasaurus of a track and it's the fifteen-year-old in me who loves "Story Of My Boobs" and "Ball Bra". There's a grunge song, nü metal song, Creed song (hilarious) and a few Smashing Pumpkin-esqe jabs. "Stoner Rock Is Dumb" is fucking right on point and almost makes me ashamed to have Orange Goblin in my CD collection. The killer thing about Division 1 is the fact that that Sloth is actually turning out some great music while intentionally making fun of everyone else's shit. Shame they gave up on their solid schtick for less interesting stuff. Oh well.