Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up...

I discovered this band years ago on the sketchy; who knows what keywords I punched in that led me to a band called "Happy Face"?! Regardless, this (debut?) album showcases some solid deathcore in the vein of Despised Icon, though I may just be saying that since they're French. Typical piggish gurgles along with some grinding, surprisingly slower riffage then I expected, all packaged up with some weird artwork that would have a more appropriate home as an anime DVD cover. Whatever, Le Tigre's a great album, and I couldn't tell you what half the song titles mean. While info on the band is somewhat thin, they are evidently still at it with a totally new lineup and are shopping around their 2009 demo - check that shit out here.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

42nd Street Sleaze

One of the more random flicks in my DVD collection is the 1970's Nick Phillips raincoat oddity Roxanna. A strange 50-minute softcore descent into big breasts, thigh-high boots, leather and tribbing; nicely blended with suicide and dementia. Too depressing to be considered a token skin flick, Phillips' movie absolutely reeks of 16mm Manhattan sleaze; it's gritty, low budget and unrelentingly fetishistic. And the music score is fantastic. Imagine generic 70's porno funk downtuned into a cheerless acid-trip dirge and there ya go. Recorded live and barely mixed, I would love to find the band that sat for this session. I ripped the soundtrack from the DVD and cut out most of the annoying narration - I couldn't find a movie poster of the film's original release (only the lame 2002 remake with Misty Mundane) so I just threw one together - enjoy!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Did It Have To Be The Fucking JETS!?!?

What a Fucking Disaster yesterday. Of course the Pats decided to play their worst game of the fucking season at the worst time in the season (if you don't count the last time the Jets rolled up on our asses and came back to beat us in Game 2 - and we'll just never mention Superbowl XLII again). What an absolutely abyssmal end to one of the funnest Patriot seasons to watch in a while. I'm still in shock. Oh well, only 9 long months until the start of the 2011 season... Go Steelers!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old School Meat(shits)

One of the finest compilations to come out in the 90's was Italy's SOA Records' The Master Of Noise LP. What could a grind/blur enthusiast not love about an album featuring Anal Cunt, Agathocles AND the Meat Shits! Plus a thousand "songs" from noise gods 7MON and End Of Silence on side B to boot! Most of the material is easily findable these days, SOA re-released most of it on their Old Days Nostalgia 3CD retrospective; individually A.C. did their thing on Old Stuff, Part 2, Agathocles has re-used their material on five or so releases (and counting) and 7MON put theirs out on a comp as well. As far as I can tell, only the Meat Shits aptly-titled "18 songs dealing with sex & shit" escaped re-release in any non-vinyl form. A hilarious 10-minute live set from some house party showcasing the drunked 'Shits in all their noisy, nonsensical pre-Ecstasy Of Death sleaze. The between-song banter is priceless. I ripped it from my original vinyl and cleaned up the scratches somewhat - unfortunately it's in 128kbps but I think it sounds fine. Considering.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boston Basement Bliss

Shit, no sooner than I ran out of stuff to post that I found this gem... the few followers of this blog may know my devotion to Boston's rapcore legends Reveille - I've been searching for their four-song self-produced EP for ages. Known as the "Basement" demo, two songs ended up on 1999's Laced (in pretty similar form) while the others died a quiet death in demo purgatory. A great look back at one of my favorite bands, what a perfect way to start the New Year.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Just Ain't Got No More Shit...

Welp, the ol' blog made it a year and had over a thousand visits... what else can I say? It was tough through the latter part of 2010 to routinely come up with interesting stuff to post here (that hasn't been covered everywhere else on the web) so I think I'm gonna take a break. Hopefully as the new year rolls on I'll be able to amass some new shit for this jank that I'm actually excited about. Don't get me wrong, if the hits and comments blow up then I'll be right back in this bitch but for now I'm gonna kick back, drink a few beers and rock some old-school GTA. Peace.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out Of Band Experience

Happy New Year Everyone! Thought I'd start 2011 off right, an amazing compilation by Boston producer extraordinaire, Bill T. Miller. The guy behind the board on such legendary albums as Disrupt's Unrest and Anal Cunt's It Just Gets Worse, Miller also fronts a multitude of his own (mostly noise) music projects. Among them are Out Of Band Experience (OBE), the industrio-metal Kings Of Feedback (KOF), King Of Slack and Orgy Of Noise. His 1995 Heavy Hardcore Headroom D.I.Y. comp showcases the best of the bands he's worked with; among them New England hardcore faves Dropdead and Disfuse as well as Bah-stun sludge gods Grief. What a fantastic bunch of bands shitting out 37 tracks of crust, blur, hardcore and noise. As for Miller, he's still running a million projects, including BTM Television, blogs, record labels - the list is endless. The guy's got a huge website that seems to link on and on forever - definitely check it out!

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