Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out Of Band Experience

Happy New Year Everyone! Thought I'd start 2011 off right, an amazing compilation by Boston producer extraordinaire, Bill T. Miller. The guy behind the board on such legendary albums as Disrupt's Unrest and Anal Cunt's It Just Gets Worse, Miller also fronts a multitude of his own (mostly noise) music projects. Among them are Out Of Band Experience (OBE), the industrio-metal Kings Of Feedback (KOF), King Of Slack and Orgy Of Noise. His 1995 Heavy Hardcore Headroom D.I.Y. comp showcases the best of the bands he's worked with; among them New England hardcore faves Dropdead and Disfuse as well as Bah-stun sludge gods Grief. What a fantastic bunch of bands shitting out 37 tracks of crust, blur, hardcore and noise. As for Miller, he's still running a million projects, including BTM Television, blogs, record labels - the list is endless. The guy's got a huge website that seems to link on and on forever - definitely check it out!

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