Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old School Meat(shits)

One of the finest compilations to come out in the 90's was Italy's SOA Records' The Master Of Noise LP. What could a grind/blur enthusiast not love about an album featuring Anal Cunt, Agathocles AND the Meat Shits! Plus a thousand "songs" from noise gods 7MON and End Of Silence on side B to boot! Most of the material is easily findable these days, SOA re-released most of it on their Old Days Nostalgia 3CD retrospective; individually A.C. did their thing on Old Stuff, Part 2, Agathocles has re-used their material on five or so releases (and counting) and 7MON put theirs out on a comp as well. As far as I can tell, only the Meat Shits aptly-titled "18 songs dealing with sex & shit" escaped re-release in any non-vinyl form. A hilarious 10-minute live set from some house party showcasing the drunked 'Shits in all their noisy, nonsensical pre-Ecstasy Of Death sleaze. The between-song banter is priceless. I ripped it from my original vinyl and cleaned up the scratches somewhat - unfortunately it's in 128kbps but I think it sounds fine. Considering.
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