Thursday, January 20, 2011

42nd Street Sleaze

One of the more random flicks in my DVD collection is the 1970's Nick Phillips raincoat oddity Roxanna. A strange 50-minute softcore descent into big breasts, thigh-high boots, leather and tribbing; nicely blended with suicide and dementia. Too depressing to be considered a token skin flick, Phillips' movie absolutely reeks of 16mm Manhattan sleaze; it's gritty, low budget and unrelentingly fetishistic. And the music score is fantastic. Imagine generic 70's porno funk downtuned into a cheerless acid-trip dirge and there ya go. Recorded live and barely mixed, I would love to find the band that sat for this session. I ripped the soundtrack from the DVD and cut out most of the annoying narration - I couldn't find a movie poster of the film's original release (only the lame 2002 remake with Misty Mundane) so I just threw one together - enjoy!

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