Friday, October 30, 2015

Never Dirty

Stuck in a shit ton of traffic while driving home from work these 8 minutes of gold randomly popped onto my iPod and kept my road rage at bay for the home stretch of I95. Mixed by old friend DJ Stew back in the late 90's, there's nothing here that would amaze any potential Q's out there, just a solid seamless medley of D.M.C. old-school hits. "My Adidas," "Sucker M.C.'s" and "Peter Piper" as well as some snippets from other classics. Relegated to weddings and cheesy bar mitzvahs, Stew left the disk jockey racket a long time ago. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Central Jersey Sludge

Very little out there on this sludgecore three-piece other than they seemed to be active around 2012 and even got a gig at the sadly defunct New Brunswick, NJ Alamo club. Which was dutifully recorded by someone no less! And here it is. Blasting a wall of lo-fi shit-Peavey-amp feedback-laden nonsense at the surely confused barflys, Thorn wallow through twenty minutes of respectable sludgecore. Lotsa screaming and shrieking and there are times it almost sounds like blur. I've also included the bands' three-song demo, recorded a month earlier sans vocals and lead guitar (possibly as show prep?) which show the guys as committed musicians who gave a shit about what was going on at the time. Three years later I'm sure the band has long since dissipated but hey, they accomplished more in a few short months than some idiots achieve over years.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Time For Sex

As I've rambled about before from this ol' soapbox, my favorite albums of Kool Keith's fucking epic discography are those conceived with Kutmasta Kurt. A long decade after the duo dropped Keith's ultimate Sex Style (here) comes an hour of outtakes and demos; shit that didn't make the final cut or was simply never made it out of demo status. To be honest, why? The shit rules. It is fucking awesome to hear Keith rapping his trademark dirty "do-do" freestyle over Kurt's absolutely minimal groove-heavy beats once again - by no means are these apologetic bottom-of-the-barrel scraps. Shit, the fact they came up with a token "skit" cements the fact that Sex Style should have been a double LP. Regardless, it is now with this album as a companion, discovering another cache of top-dollar Keith at his peak is simply money.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Straight Outta Stockholm

Something a little different-sounding from my usual posts - and tough to actually describe. While their bandcamp handle is "dvaladoom" don't be fooled, this Swedish 5-piece plays a pleasantly unique smorgasbord of post punk, lo-fi and croony, arty indie rock (they evidently posit themselves after 80's Swede alt rockers Broder Daniel whom I've never heard so the reference is completely lost on me). I present their 2013 release Vanföreställningar (Delusions), a 4-song EP that skirts across a large chunk of the musical spectrum. Most of the songs have two separate parts, one somewhat gloomy and bluesy followed by a more traditional R 'n' R finale. Guess which part I like better. If I have one complaint it's having no idea what the vocalist is wailing in any of the songs (à la watching a foreign movie without subtitles) but I can't really point too much of a finger since most of the music I listen to is abject screaming and gurgles anyway. The band appears to still be active (and poised to drop a full-length LP) via the usual social media pages so check 'em out (fb/bc).

Friday, October 9, 2015

Lo-fi lovers unite...

As raw as they come these days, the Kent, UK three-piece calling themselves Sorg stumbled late into my bandcamp search results long after I had expected to discover anything worthwhile. Vaguely reminding me of the Fuckheads and/or any other bunch of pissed-off guys projecting their pent-up rage towards the world/job/girlfriend/parent/whatever via a musical instrument, the shit is pissed off and groovy to listen to. The band claims to play a mixture of black metal/sludge/powerviolence/hardcore and I'd agree with genres 2 and 4 - I'm bereft to to find the black metal connection here and I still don't really know what the fuck "powerviolence" is. My favorite song is easily "Sludge Cunt" (Yes! The best song name in the world!), a tune that totally reminds me of Loinen or Usko or some weird black Finnish sludgecore band. Am I digressing? Absolutely worth a listen. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Burning Inside

Man, way back in 1989 Al Jourgensen must have been having the time of his life. Not only was his industrial monster Ministry blowing up stereos around the world, he was involved in like ten other bands outputting EPs, LPs and singles with astonishing speed. One of the better records dropped during that time was the first 12" single from The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, "Burning Inside." While the titular song gets little more than a minute or so of "remix" treatment (a few extra loops of beats here and there, nothing terribly different - same with Side B's "Thieves"), the real star of the release is an "arrangement" of the Skinny Puppy song "Smothered Hope". Originally found on their 1984 Remission EP, Jourgensen culled and mixed his version from a 1988 live Chicago performance. Ironically, Jourgensen met Skinny Puppy vocalist Nivek Ogre at the Wax Trax Studios while cutting the track which would eventually be PTP's "Show Me Your Spine" single for RoboCop.

"...I was doing a song for the RoboCop soundtrack as PTP, when Ogre walked in. I get pretty psychotic in the studio, and I didn't even know who he was, but somebody said he was some singer from somewhere, so I just said 'hey man, make yourself useful, get in here and sing.'"

And so a friendship was born. Anyways, nice to hear some not-so-common Ministry from the earlier days and longer versions of two of my favorite Taste songs can't be beat. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Contemplating Death

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything "heavy" on the ol' blog (much less posted anything at all but that's a different story) so a big welcome to the creepy month of October with a 38-track slab of good ol' pathological goregrind to ruin your day. I gotta admit I was pretty excited when I heard the opening "Symphony For A Casket Full Of Nematodes" - a brutal lo-fi goregrind neo-classic with a solid riff and great blasts of noise and gurgles. Unfortunately the rest of the record doesn't hold up quite as strongly. Imagine really early cassette-deck Regurgitate (a la Concrete Human Torture) and you'll get the idea. Occasionally a RGTE-esque riff will really stand out ("Anatomophysiological Deterioration" for one) but there is a lot of slogging through the swamp until you hit the satisfactory closer "Enter The Realm Of Cadaver... Dissection." I really prefer the slower grooves over the blast beat nonsense (which ultimately becomes terribly tiring) and there's enough variation between the nearly forty 1-minute tracks to keep Stages Of Decomposition listenable. The duo behind Thanatopsis includes Neto from the forgettable Brazilian gorenoise outfit HxAxSx and Pelle  from the equally obscure (and I'm sure just as unpleasant) Swedish one-man grindshow Shitfaced. I'm actually curious as to whether the two guys made the trans-global flights to record together or if this was a collaborative email/snail mail effort. Either way it absolutely blows away anything either of them have done in the past and there are some other splits and comps featuring the band out there waiting for you to check out...