Saturday, October 17, 2015

Central Jersey Sludge

Very little out there on this sludgecore three-piece other than they seemed to be active around 2012 and even got a gig at the sadly defunct New Brunswick, NJ Alamo club. Which was dutifully recorded by someone no less! And here it is. Blasting a wall of lo-fi shit-Peavey-amp feedback-laden nonsense at the surely confused barflys, Thorn wallow through twenty minutes of respectable sludgecore. Lotsa screaming and shrieking and there are times it almost sounds like blur. I've also included the bands' three-song demo, recorded a month earlier sans vocals and lead guitar (possibly as show prep?) which show the guys as committed musicians who gave a shit about what was going on at the time. Three years later I'm sure the band has long since dissipated but hey, they accomplished more in a few short months than some idiots achieve over years.

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