Sunday, November 14, 2010


To my dismay, Boston's excellent nü-metal outfit Reveille broke up in 2002, a split spawned from the typical "creative differences" that left a (recorded?) third album on the shelf. Soon after, however, vocalist Drew Simollardes and guitarist Greg Sullivan got back together to create Genuflect. Boasting a sound similar to their previous band, Genuflect released Rough Mix Demo in 2005, a septet of songs planned for their future album, 2007's The End Of The World ("Move" doesn't seem to have made the cut so it's an exclusive on this album). In my opinion the tunes sound much better then anything that made it onto World, they are raw, underproduced and angry.  A little more rap then metal but still listenable - I doubt Genuflect will ever put out a record as good as Reveille released but you can't have everything I guess.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Random plug...

I don't know how I stumbled upon this webpage but I'm glad I did. A great collection of one-sheet comics done by the talented Matty Boy Anderson detailing the fall from grace of so many bands. Witty, well drawn and all-too-true, I even enjoy reading the ones about bands I couldn't care less about. And I gotta respect the guy for admitting he was a Meat Shits fan!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live Shellfish

Another oddity from the brothers boognish, a live jam from July 15, 1991 playing as the Green Lipped Mussels. There seems to be some ambiguity between Ween fans as to the true moniker of the band; what little info I did find seems to suggest there already existed a jam band called the Green Lipped Mussels (composed of Dreiwitz, Guzda, Di Gesu and Harford) and the addition of Gene and Dean technically morphed the whole thing into the Jimmy Wilson Group (supported by the fact that everyone calls each other "Jim" during the gig). Regardless of what you want to call them, the guys on stage that hot Monday night two decades ago were Gene and Dean playing with Dave Dreiwitz (bass, duh), Matt Guzda (drums), Greg Di Gesu (guitar) and Chris Harford (guitar, vocals). Bassosaurus Andrew Weiss guest stars during Ween's "The Stallion Pt. 3". Recorded at New Brunswick, NJ's famous Court Tavern, the Mussels rip through a bunch of covers, Ween tunes, Harford tunes and Mussel originals with the same tenacity and humor you'd find in any Aaron and Mickey performance. My guess behind their pseudonym is this was some unannounced/surprise/private show for friends and for whatever reason (record label) they couldn't advertise themselves as "Ween". Deaner called the band "a white version of Kool And The Gang" and they supposedly reunited in 2009 for a couple shows with Harford (whether they actually played as the 'Mussels is anyone's guess though). With all that being said, my only gripe with this recording is the crappy mp3s. I originally pulled them from some random FTP site nearly a decade ago so the fact they are 128kbps isn't all that surprising but there is a LOT of hiss and compression noise, even for a bootleg. It doesn't take that much away from the performance but fair warning. I also discovered a CD cover I created way back in the day that I think looks pretty cool. It's included in PDF format with the music file.

8/20/14 update: A solid reupload with the most complete recording of the show I could find - culled from old Lostwave mp3's, FLACs from and a few other sources. Sadly the lossy limitations are still evident but it sounds as good as it probably ever will. I also updated the above post with some more factual info. Enjoy.

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