Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once I Had A Brother...

I had just finished typing out this post when I paused to browse a bit on SGM and realized they posted this exact album only two weeks ago. Oh well, so originality may not be my strongest point. I first became aware of the Fuck-Ups thanks to the gimmicky vomit-covered "You'll Hate This Record" Record (which I bought in my then-neurotic rush to have every album with GG Allin's name on) and eventually stumbled on their first and last actual release, 1982's 6-song EP, FU 82. Sloppy punk that somehow reminds me of Sockeye, the Fuck-Ups evidently didn't last too long in the Bay Area, with songs like "I Think You're Shit" and "I Hate You" they quickly pissed off the listening public and had to play live under aliases. Their track "White Boy" was the final death knell from the band, incurring the ire of Maximum Rock 'N' Roll and labeling the band as racists. Regardless, what you get here is sixteen minutes of old-school punk the way it is supposed to be: obnoxious, catchy and able to piss you off. Enjoy.

My link deleted, check here for their Myspace page

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sans GG

One of the many bands trumped by GG Allin's incarcerations during the early 90's was midwestern scumfucs the Toilet Rockers. Most Allin fans will recognize the name as his back-up band from the notorious Odd Rock Cafe show in Milwaukee that eventually led to a 60 day disorderly conduct sentence (along with some considerable media exposure). According to band member "CK", the group planned to record a true album with GG but simply could not circumvent his jail (and eventually prison) time. Three instrumental tracks were recorded onto cassette in hopes GG could scribble down some lyrics but sadly the project never came to light. Songs were unearthed and released onto YouTube a few years ago, quality is so-so but as CK writes "they were recorded on a small cassette player... so they are not high quality." I've done what I could to convert them to audio, enjoy a cool snapshot into a GG album that almost was...

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yay For Me!

Well, over the last week I decided to give the blog one final go and re-upload everything I had onto one of the other file hosting sites. Hopefully that one won't be taken down because I don't think I have the patience to do it all over again! In celebration of coming back online I present to you Northern CA supergroup Nigel Pepper Cock and their debut EP Fresh White Reeboks... Kickin' Your Ass! Featuring members of Brainoil, Destroy, Skaven and Dystopia, the band tears through 4 tracks of surprisingly sludgey hard-rockin' metal. Their official bio reads:

"Our story begins with 6 young men who were all college buddies, and members of the fraternity ALPHA KI COCK. The fraternity already had a reputation as being the WORST at Stanford University before these guys enrolled, and when they finally did, the whole campus was reeking of testosterone, stale beer, and dirt weed. One day our heroes decided to head down to Spring Break in Palms Springs, for some pre-summer party action. On their way home, they got lost in the desert, searching for a gas station. This is where their cosmic encounter began that put them on their path today. Call it Kismet, call is psycho kinesis, all that is known is that meeting Rick the Desert Dick changed their lives forever. They now had a purpose, a reason to exist.

Soon after, the dudes dropped out of college and moved to the not so peaceful streets of San Francisco. After a few years saving money by doing “odd jobs” aka working for crooked pimps and political leaders, our boys of summer were able to acquire musical instruments, and with time and patience, they learned to master them as well. And soon that cosmic light was shining and three words fell from the lips of god, NIGEL PEPPER COCK..."

For more write to Mauz at Life Is Abuse and he will hook your white ass up. Enjoy.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you DOJ....

Man, this time last year, after almost 12 months of being online, I barely had a grand of hits (half of them probably being myself) and was pretty much about to call it quits on the ol' blog. Just didn't seem relevant, interesting or enough to carry on. I even did a preemptive "potentially closing" post to foreshadow the inevitable end. Yet in the year since my views have grown to over 4000 and I just want to say cheers to the folks who actually stumbled upon the ol' Genocide. However, as I write this, thanks to the shutting down of Megaupload, most of my links are now floating in the ether... I don't have a whole lot of time to systematically re-up everything right away so email me if you see something you'd like.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't Judge A 7" By Its Cover...

As a recovering graphic designer it drives me crazy when I stumble upon shit like this. Awful cover, awful logo, awful fonts, awful album name, awful song titles, awful band name. How could artwork like this appeal to anyone flipping through a record bin? Who was their target audience? This 7" arrived as a bonus with some long forgotten order decades ago (I truly thought it was included as a joke) and sat for nearly as long before I blew off the dust and grudgingly threw it on a turntable. Surprise! What I expected to be some generic Kraut prog synth-pop was actually some dirty grindcore out of Japan recorded by none other than Genocide fave Bill T. Miller. Okay, maybe it's not as offensive as some of the grind I tend to side with but Quest For The Clearness has a nice angry punch and reminds me of some (very) lo-fi Brutal Truth. Solid hooks and nice grooves break up the blast beats; side A's "Sunshine" is easily the better of the two, side B's "Non Fiction" gets a little Metallica-ish at times. Multiplex evidently lasted through 1997 with a couple of singles and a full length, I'm actually interested to start tracking down some of their other stuff but for chrissakes, fire the fucking art department guys!

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