Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once I Had A Brother...

I had just finished typing out this post when I paused to browse a bit on SGM and realized they posted this exact album only two weeks ago. Oh well, so originality may not be my strongest point. I first became aware of the Fuck-Ups thanks to the gimmicky vomit-covered "You'll Hate This Record" Record (which I bought in my then-neurotic rush to have every album with GG Allin's name on) and eventually stumbled on their first and last actual release, 1982's 6-song EP, FU 82. Sloppy punk that somehow reminds me of Sockeye, the Fuck-Ups evidently didn't last too long in the Bay Area, with songs like "I Think You're Shit" and "I Hate You" they quickly pissed off the listening public and had to play live under aliases. Their track "White Boy" was the final death knell from the band, incurring the ire of Maximum Rock 'N' Roll and labeling the band as racists. Regardless, what you get here is sixteen minutes of old-school punk the way it is supposed to be: obnoxious, catchy and able to piss you off. Enjoy.

My link deleted, check here for their Myspace page

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