Monday, January 30, 2012

Sans GG

One of the many bands trumped by GG Allin's incarcerations during the early 90's was midwestern scumfucs the Toilet Rockers. Most Allin fans will recognize the name as his back-up band from the notorious Odd Rock Cafe show in Milwaukee that eventually led to a 60 day disorderly conduct sentence (along with some considerable media exposure). According to band member "CK", the group planned to record a true album with GG but simply could not circumvent his jail (and eventually prison) time. Three instrumental tracks were recorded onto cassette in hopes GG could scribble down some lyrics but sadly the project never came to light. Songs were unearthed and released onto YouTube a few years ago, quality is so-so but as CK writes "they were recorded on a small cassette player... so they are not high quality." I've done what I could to convert them to audio, enjoy a cool snapshot into a GG album that almost was...

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