Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't Judge A 7" By Its Cover...

As a recovering graphic designer it drives me crazy when I stumble upon shit like this. Awful cover, awful logo, awful fonts, awful album name, awful song titles, awful band name. How could artwork like this appeal to anyone flipping through a record bin? Who was their target audience? This 7" arrived as a bonus with some long forgotten order decades ago (I truly thought it was included as a joke) and sat for nearly as long before I blew off the dust and grudgingly threw it on a turntable. Surprise! What I expected to be some generic Kraut prog synth-pop was actually some dirty grindcore out of Japan recorded by none other than Genocide fave Bill T. Miller. Okay, maybe it's not as offensive as some of the grind I tend to side with but Quest For The Clearness has a nice angry punch and reminds me of some (very) lo-fi Brutal Truth. Solid hooks and nice grooves break up the blast beats; side A's "Sunshine" is easily the better of the two, side B's "Non Fiction" gets a little Metallica-ish at times. Multiplex evidently lasted through 1997 with a couple of singles and a full length, I'm actually interested to start tracking down some of their other stuff but for chrissakes, fire the fucking art department guys!

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