Friday, August 24, 2012

Something a little different...

Just a warning, only fellow obsessive GG fans (or unsettlingly stalwart NYC punk historians) will have any interest in this post. That being said, can you remember the warm summer day you first laid your hands on a copy of Allin's You Give Love A Bad Name and upon immediately scrutinizing the lyric sheet insert was like "who the fuck are the Bad Tuna Experience?" The song was "Beer Picnic" and after twenty-five years, I've finally tracked down the original that GG and the Holy Men were covering. The Bad Tuna Experience was intended to be an(other) all-girl NYC punk band that would take over the world but in reality only resulted in one legitimate studio session and a few gigs here and there, mostly at the Downtown Beirut II club (now the Mercury Lounge). Through MRR, a naïve young scumfuc named GG Allin got wind of their tunes and wrote the girls a fan letter asking if he could cover one of their songs. Y'know, I dunno, but it really seems GG had a fucking über hard-on for female musicians. Genya Ravan, Emily XYZ, etc., he even got somewhat tied together with Lisa Suckdog for what it's worth. Is it any surprise that he "created" the Cedar Street Sluts? But I digress, the BTE never responded to Allin (and would have probably since faded into completely deserved obscurity) but he covered the song anyway and it now exists in eternal punk infamy. Surprisingly, GG's version, while a bit faster, is exactly like the Bad Tuna's; most of what I thought was his nonsensical bitching is actually lifted word for word. So much for improv I guess. I've also included a couple other Bad Tuna tunes from the same 1984 recording session, all are pretty cool (while still totally generic) but fuck it, I wasn't doing jack shit back then either. Interestingly, band founders Donna (drums) ordered a "disgusting" tuna platter from Leshko's on the same day Carolyn (vocals) had gotten a tuna sandwich from Blimpie's with “things in it - hard lumps that had no taste". When the two compared notes the band's name was born. Enjoy.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good ol' angry-as-fuck HxCx

Thanks to the fucking sweet blog No Beast So Fierce I got introduced to Boston's Fuckheads earlier this summer and I've hardly let a day go by without my assaulting my ears to their incredible Siege-esque demo Fueled By Vice. Five minutes of wicked fast, wicked distorted madness. Can't find goddamned shit about the band other than they've released some live recordings over the last couple years and seemed to tour around New England with some regularity back in 2011. I've uploaded all the stuff of theirs I could find and hope to hear some new sounds soon from these crazy fuckers. They've got a blog with only the most bare-bones shit on it and it hasn't been updated in forever but ya never know... Enjoy.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sans GG, Part II

I gotta admit, while I generally dig Merle Allin and think he's an amazingly nice old-school punker, I just can't get into the Murder Junkies. I've waxed through this blog ad nauseum about my disdain for later GG recordings, Brutality And Bloodshed For All easily stands out as being the icing on the putrid cake. Allin's ridiculous Cookie Monster-esque vocals kill that fucker from the get go but it isn't helped by showcasing one of the most tepid back-up bands the guy ever fronted. While I think Merle is a more than adequate bassist, Dino is fine on drums, etc; the Murder Junkies style is just... I dunno... terribly dull. Sounds like ANTiSEEN on a really-hungover-I-don't-want-to-try-anything-new-day. Did anyone actually buy, much less hear the new Misfits record? It's the same old plodding three-chord shit, just for a lot longer (3 minute songs? Come the fuck on Jerry!). I feel the exact same way about the MJ's. Verse + Chorus + Verse + Chorus + Solo + Chorus(x2) and we're done. I guess the only reason I'm posting this EP is that I really respect the fact that the band is still chuggin' along to this day and this 7" happens to be one of their rarer releases. Mid-90's lineup with Mike Denied on vocals, this ditty is a hella lot tamer in substance than their Feed My Sleaze release from the same era; I just wish every song didn't sound the exact goddamn same. Enjoy.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

NoVA Stoners

Two posts in two days? No the world isn't ending, I've actually just got a couple minutes and figured what the fuck. Driving home from band practice... er... rehearsal... tonight this little gem popped on the ol' iPod. Solid stoner rock from fellow Virginians King Giant. Hailing from Arlington waaaay up nawth state, this six-song demo from 2006 showcases a groovy southern sludge sound that easily benefits from the DIY production. The closer "Mourning" is the clincher - a fucking awesome tune that reminds me of Hail!Hornet or other such swampy ilk. I think as a whole the band would benefit from some better vocals - to me the lyrics seem a tad forced (and kinda hokey) but hey, that's what the fuck a demo is for, no? There's actually a "real" cover to this demo, I just dug their Heineken logo a lot more. If you likey, the band's website is here. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jag Har Något Att Säga

Sorry loyal followers, summer's ending in just a few weeks and I've got absolutely no time at all these days to keep up with posts. There's a million records I try to remind myself to upload but just don't got the fucking time, mang! Anyways, I took a few minutes to pull out this classic from the archives, Sweden's own Glanzig. An awesome Misfits/Danzig cover band who either takes themselves way too seriously or not seriously enough. Fuck all those Misfit cover comps floating around on the internet - this is the real shit. Enjoy.

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