Friday, August 17, 2012

Sans GG, Part II

I gotta admit, while I generally dig Merle Allin and think he's an amazingly nice old-school punker, I just can't get into the Murder Junkies. I've waxed through this blog ad nauseum about my disdain for later GG recordings, Brutality And Bloodshed For All easily stands out as being the icing on the putrid cake. Allin's ridiculous Cookie Monster-esque vocals kill that fucker from the get go but it isn't helped by showcasing one of the most tepid back-up bands the guy ever fronted. While I think Merle is a more than adequate bassist, Dino is fine on drums, etc; the Murder Junkies style is just... I dunno... terribly dull. Sounds like ANTiSEEN on a really-hungover-I-don't-want-to-try-anything-new-day. Did anyone actually buy, much less hear the new Misfits record? It's the same old plodding three-chord shit, just for a lot longer (3 minute songs? Come the fuck on Jerry!). I feel the exact same way about the MJ's. Verse + Chorus + Verse + Chorus + Solo + Chorus(x2) and we're done. I guess the only reason I'm posting this EP is that I really respect the fact that the band is still chuggin' along to this day and this 7" happens to be one of their rarer releases. Mid-90's lineup with Mike Denied on vocals, this ditty is a hella lot tamer in substance than their Feed My Sleaze release from the same era; I just wish every song didn't sound the exact goddamn same. Enjoy.

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Czar Nicholas said...

I knew a dude from Dayton that used to front the Murder Junkies. They called him...wait for it...Gee Gee. I couldn't get into it. Because, really, how the fuck do you keep going after being in a band with the one and only?

The L-RV said...

You put it well.
End- era GG was contrived & "what the people wanted".
Sadly, he went out like a bitch.
Prior to this band he had so many othe rgood lineups - The Disappointments, Bulge lineup, etc.
It wasn'r just the poo that made him the legend - but you & I know that...

winston95 said...

Thanks guys for the comments, it's always nice to hear from the old-schoolers!

And Nick, in regards to what you asked; you can't and shouldn't.

Mykel Board's liner note essay on "Brutality" always bugged me - he goes on how it was GG's best, most important album (and how he had "reached his peak" - ugh). Talk about a self-serving crock of shit - if anything Board's "Hated In The Nation" is a truer statement of GG's sociopathic talents. But we all know that already!