Friday, August 24, 2012

Something a little different...

Just a warning, only fellow obsessive GG fans (or unsettlingly stalwart NYC punk historians) will have any interest in this post. That being said, can you remember the warm summer day you first laid your hands on a copy of Allin's You Give Love A Bad Name and upon immediately scrutinizing the lyric sheet insert was like "who the fuck are the Bad Tuna Experience?" The song was "Beer Picnic" and after twenty-five years, I've finally tracked down the original that GG and the Holy Men were covering. The Bad Tuna Experience was intended to be an(other) all-girl NYC punk band that would take over the world but in reality only resulted in one legitimate studio session and a few gigs here and there, mostly at the Downtown Beirut II club (now the Mercury Lounge). Through MRR, a naïve young scumfuc named GG Allin got wind of their tunes and wrote the girls a fan letter asking if he could cover one of their songs. Y'know, I dunno, but it really seems GG had a fucking über hard-on for female musicians. Genya Ravan, Emily XYZ, etc., he even got somewhat tied together with Lisa Suckdog for what it's worth. Is it any surprise that he "created" the Cedar Street Sluts? But I digress, the BTE never responded to Allin (and would have probably since faded into completely deserved obscurity) but he covered the song anyway and it now exists in eternal punk infamy. Surprisingly, GG's version, while a bit faster, is exactly like the Bad Tuna's; most of what I thought was his nonsensical bitching is actually lifted word for word. So much for improv I guess. I've also included a couple other Bad Tuna tunes from the same 1984 recording session, all are pretty cool (while still totally generic) but fuck it, I wasn't doing jack shit back then either. Interestingly, band founders Donna (drums) ordered a "disgusting" tuna platter from Leshko's on the same day Carolyn (vocals) had gotten a tuna sandwich from Blimpie's with “things in it - hard lumps that had no taste". When the two compared notes the band's name was born. Enjoy.

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