Thursday, August 9, 2012

NoVA Stoners

Two posts in two days? No the world isn't ending, I've actually just got a couple minutes and figured what the fuck. Driving home from band practice... er... rehearsal... tonight this little gem popped on the ol' iPod. Solid stoner rock from fellow Virginians King Giant. Hailing from Arlington waaaay up nawth state, this six-song demo from 2006 showcases a groovy southern sludge sound that easily benefits from the DIY production. The closer "Mourning" is the clincher - a fucking awesome tune that reminds me of Hail!Hornet or other such swampy ilk. I think as a whole the band would benefit from some better vocals - to me the lyrics seem a tad forced (and kinda hokey) but hey, that's what the fuck a demo is for, no? There's actually a "real" cover to this demo, I just dug their Heineken logo a lot more. If you likey, the band's website is here. Enjoy.

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