Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Broken Lung

Per their bandcamp bio, Hogslayer are a UK sludge quintet based formed in 2012 featuring members of British deathcore forerunners Shaped By Fate and sludge/doom instrumentalists Zonderhoof (the band's name is actually lifted from a Zonderhoof song). That's all well and good but what really caught my ear was the Abominable Iron Sloth-ish left-hook crunch of their 2012 demo. Absolutely skull-crushing sludge nonsense that makes you want to punch random strangers in the face. The band has been busy re-recording the songs via 9-track and they sound fucking tight but I dig the raw demo shit. Regardless, you be the judge - enjoy.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Holy fuck!!! A new post!!!

Yay for me - got a new fucking post up. About time - no? Well, I won't bore you with any long slavish idol-worship of American Violence - aside from a great name they play the tightest beatdown deathcore I've heard since Gat-Rot sadly vanished from the planet (or have they? I just updated their post... bwah hah hahhhhhh). No but seriously, the three minutes of anger in AV's 2012 Demonstration is fucking awesome. Christ it's taken twenty years but someone finally honed the downtuned 7-string B sound like Korn circa '92. Brutal. Angry. No fucking guitar solos. Facebook. Bandcamp.

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