Monday, December 26, 2011


I wrote about the Meat Shits' contribution to this incredible compilation last year and finally decided to get off my lazy ass and upload the whole shebang. A prize of my LP collection, five of my favorite bands during what I feel were the high points of their careers. Mincecore, blur, pornogrind and noisecore. Essential.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

And A Virgin So Very Horny...

Does this one even need an explanation? Happy Holidays motherfuckers.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Preachers Without Faith

Holland's answer to Noothgrush has emerged and its name is Starve. A downtuned mix of sludge and blues enhanced by some painful Gary Niederhoff-esque vocals, the band has consistently churned out some really great material throughout the last few years. While all of their stuff is consistently good, I'm partial to their 2010 demo, four tracks of groovy bitterness. So when you're tired of listening to Live For Nothing then check out Starve's Bandcamp and blog sites, chock full o' downloads and videos.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Got A Needle For Your Eye...

I see a lot of varied admiration for GG Allin's stuff on the ol' interweb. Most folk are okay to admit to cherishing the early Jabber days of a young, confused New Englandah belting out some off-color snotcore while some cite his final Murder Junkies material as the tightest. Few however, recommend (or even recognize) the absolute depths of alcoholism, drug abuse, loneliness and misery showcased on his 1989 Suicide Sessions release. The third (and last) album from his contract with Homestead Records, ol' Gerard Cosloy didn't even bother pressing this one to wax, it oozed out as a cassette-only release and would have probably fallen into general obscurity had GG not died and it not been re-packaged years later by Awareness Records (paired with the sadly tepid Anti-Social Personality Disorder). I know "I Live To Be Hated" kinda became a staple of his live shows near the end but really, that is probably the one track on this album which had any live playability other than "Dagger In My Heart" (which I still think is one of the most approachable songs he ever wrote) and I've never heard that played live. From what I gather, Sessions was supposed to be a Scumfuc reunion album, but with all the aliases his former bandmates have used it's tough to tell. Regardless, Suicide Sessions is a masterpiece. Its absolutely nonexistent production elevates it to legendary status with a grittiness and feedback that bands like Eyehategod feverishly strive for in the studio. Each track overflows with an assault of EQ levels so far off the map that some points simply turn into a wall of noise. And if you remember GG from that era it's a perfect sonic snapshot of a man's spiral downward. From the pounding repetitiveness of "Cornhole Lust" and "Shit On My Prick" to the weird "Lilliana Phone Fucker" and absolutely bizarre "I'm Dying, I'm Dying, I'm Dead," GG was at his apex of being a fucked-up scum and absolutely not giving a fuck - all that would change with his arrest less then a year after the album's release. For me, while I like some of the post-prison stuff GG made, Sessions was a real high point to the end of an era. I dig seeing a total id at work; same reason I like watching junkies on Intervention; not because they're potentially getting clean but for the first 45 minutes where they are constantly high and could not give less a fuck about anything around them. I'm amazed the guy was able to cobble together 17 tracks in a basement somewhere (which is really where it sounds like it was recorded) in between a daily regimen of bottles and lines. To me, it's his best. You can find relatively good rips of Suicide Sessions all over the internet but I haven't yet seen any direct from the cassette so here ya go. For anyone who cares, the Awareness re-release cuts out the long dirge "Jailed Again" (which may have prompted the moniker Best Of The 'Suicide Sessions' that Aware-One uses) most likely due to CD timing restraints so enjoy if you've never heard it in all its lo-fi glory. Keep an ear out for some great half-second snippets of GG and the band chatting between songs - classic shit.

7/29/14 update: Just re-upped a brand new 320kbps rip of the original Homestead cassette. Removed a lot of the tinny high-end from the previous rip - sounds pretty devastating. Enjoy.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

All Togethah Now

Solid compilation CD released in 2000 by the mighty Fudgeworthy Records out of Woburn, MA; the brainchild of Charlie Infection whom you may know as the other half of the seminal Ax/ction Records and drummer for Bay State mainstays Psycho, Bulge, Gonkulator and Cancerous Growth. Admitting to the loss of all his master tapes in the liner notes, nearly everything on the comp is ripped directly from vinyl so don't expect any hi-tech digital remastering here. Scratches, cracks and pops abound which only add to the charm - there is some rare ass shit showcased here and is without a doubt some of the best transfers you'll find of this material. Included are a few batches of Anal Cunt songs, GG Allin's "Legalize Murder" from his Freaks, Faggots days, Bulge's "Fartmaster," some obscure Meat Shits tunes, fast Boston hardcore, black metal, grindcore, noise, etc. etc. ad nauseum. A bunch of great music from a great label. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mechanisms Of Modern Life

Thank you Sebaxxxtian for getting me out of my month-long post vacuum - the vocalist/bassist from Argentina's incredible 3-piece Asilo kindly dropped me a link to their new release, a split CD with Chilean noisecore freaks Fracción George Best. Another slab of pounding sludge crust, Asilo simply destroys everything in front of them, a few pics from their last gig:

The guys are currently looking for some U.S. label support (check out their Bandcamp page for more info) so if anyone out there can help 'em out, please do so. I for one am definitely looking forward to future stuff from what is fast becoming one of my favorite bands.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hate Songs

I remember stumbling upon Fudge Tunnel's video for "Sunshine of Your Love" one night on MTV's painful 120 Minutes and thinking "where the fuck has this band been all my life?" Way ahead of their time, the Nottingham three-piece absolutely destroyed on 1991's Hate Songs In E Minor. While the rest of the world was masturbating to a blonde boy from Aberdeen, Fudge Tunnel was paving the way for countless sludge bands to follow with painfully heavy grooves, fuzzy riffs and lots of minimalist feedback. They released a couple other albums after Minor but non compare to their major debut, a personal fave. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Just a quick one for the three lonely people interested in my Loinen post last year, please welcome Asilo; Argentina's latest entry into the double bassist / screamo / sludge genre. Absolutely minimalist and completely fucking insane, their most recent release is a split CD with fellow countrymen Tzara and it is an amazing eleven minutes of pounding, miserable, depressing sludge. They've got a few more recordings out there on the web, go check 'em out then kill yourself.

Bandcamp                                                      Download

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

R.I.P. Krug Stilo

Man, what a drag it was to hear David Hess passed away on Saturday. Not only was he the lead villain in two of my favorite movies (Last House On The Left and the incredible House On The Edge Of The Park) but he was an accomplished musician who composed one of my favorite horror flick soundtracks (the aforementioned House... er... Last House). And he seemed like a cool guy to boot; enthusiastic over his cult stardom, a horror convention regular, never one to turn down a fan. There's already a wealth of info online regarding his early days as a songwriter for Elvis and Mercury Records A&R rep so I thought I'd skip all that and upload two albums of his - the soundtrack to Last House and his 2001 release Caught Up In The Moment. LHOTL is an amazing album, it reeks like a bad acid trip, full of post-60's influence but way way darker - the untitled "Road Leads To Nowhere"' ditties are almost suicidally bleak. "Ice Cream Song" could easily be used today as some random commercial ditty for Old Navy. "Sadie And Krug" is a wonderful polka-ish tune in the ilk of Zappa's "Jewish Princess" - and the full songs at the end of the album could have easily passed on some random England Dan & John Ford Coley LPs without turning a head. Caught Up In The Moment isn't always my cup of tea, some of the songs are a bit cheesy on the symbolism ("Animal Dreams" for one) to the point that you could imagine Trey Parker singing them. But he is easily redeemed with the hilarious "High" (my personal fave), "Vagabond" and "Nice Girl" - all which dip into the welcome territory of of his 70's sound. Actually, to any Ween fans who read this - he is on par with Chris Harford's music if that means anything to anyone. Anyways, check him out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. You passed too early Dave, thanks for the memories and the music.

1972                                                                 2001

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Double Sludge

Noothgrush really was the band that got me into sludge. I alreadly owned some Facedowninshit and Eyehategod and while I dug a couple choice cuts from those bands I wasn't totally sold on the genre as a whole. Enter 1999's epic Erode The Person. Those 13 tracks, compiled from an obscure catalog of split 7-inchers completely jump started my current devotion to the entire sludge/stoner/doom world. Ridiculously lumbering, depressing and heavy, no one has done it better since. The band released another compilation also titled Erode The Person in 2006 which compiled more recent splits and comps - it is just as incredible.

1999                                                                  2006

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Live Fast Die Fast

As if followers to this blog couldn't tell, I was a pretty big fan of ol' GG Allin back in the day. I don't know what it was like for the rest of his limited audience in the mid-80's; but for me, being a GG fan was a really personal, introverted thing. I didn't know anyone (even remotely) who'd heard of the guy and the few friends whom I interested with his profanity-laden lyrics steered clear when they actually heard the music. I got all the weird looks and heard all the comments raging from "dude, this isn't even music" (this coming from a guy who thought the musical world peaked with Boston in 1976) to "how do you get off listening to this awful rape rock?" (thanks mom). Taking the NJ Transit into the city to catch his occasional show was a fucking lonely rite of passage, it's not like you're gonna make any new pals sitting around in a dark club at one AM waiting for a guy to smear shit on himself. As the 80's ended it was painfully irritating as the 2 Live Crew controversy raged via evening news as if those Miami boys had really broken some boundaries... I would stare at the endless MTV coverage and be like "so???" Wow, putting porno to music - who gives a shit. I gotta give Luke Skyywalker credit though - at some point in his Banned In The USA videotape (kudos to my bro for stealing that shit from Sam Goody) he actually comments how preposterous the furor over his music is when you got some bands singing about "sticking crosses in nuns private parts and shit" - an obvious nod to GG's "Stick A Cross Up A Nun's Cunt" from his watershed Suicide Sessions. Look at the big brain on Luke! Regardless, I amassed a pretty sweet collection of GG stuff back then (long since sold to buy beer) so I started compiling a fanzine in the style of Bloody F. Mess's inspirational Hated In The Nation zines. It was slow going trying to piece everything together, after quite a bit of work I had something like six pages. And then GG got arrested, and arrested again, and Hated came out, and then he died. Within a short 3 years GG became as mainstream as the Dead Kennedys, opening up a waterfall of media coverage (imagine what his trial would have been like today with 24-hour news channels - sheesh) and great fodder for a zine. All of a sudden I had a 36-page volume called Live Fast Die Fast which was thankfully picked up by GG's pal Skeeter for distribution. I recently found the master templates (including 2 pages which have never been seen before) so I decided to scan them in for posterity's sake and make a PDF. Some pages came out great while others reek of my frantic obsession with filling up space - regardless of chronology. And my little blurbs are kinda retarded but basically hold the whole thing together (interesting to note how through some of the mag GG wasn't dead yet so I use the present tense - weird) so I'm not that embarassed to offer it up to all you sick fuckers. Enjoy.
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Friday, September 30, 2011

I Just Broke Up With Jim O'Croce

"Formed in Detroit, with unholy blasphemies on Easter Sunday 1993. Started performing live desecration rituals in 1994. Vowed to never play live again in 2003. Reunited in 2007 and played 2 shows (Chicago/LA). Re-vowed to never play live again 2008. Actively recording terror/metal/noise. New songs coming soon!!!" (from their rarely updated Myspace page)

Same old pathetic story, the only reason I found this band was blindly searching "anal" or "cunt" or whatever orifice I could think of on Tower Records' website (a la Porn) many a year ago; the Rats had a song called "Anal Cunt Is Gay" so welcome to my CD collection guys! Still, "Last Day Of The Sun" is a great fucking 45 seconds. And I've always just assumed that cover artwork is from that Mr. Bungle guy...
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Live Jihad

Man, the first half of the 2000's was fucking awesome for Ween fans. Starting with the wonderful White Pepper at the start of the millennium, the brothers built up to the incredible Quebec in '03 amongst a bevy of rare live CD releases through those sweet years. Additionally, Deaner jump-started his long-quiet side project Moistboyz and let loose two releases in '02 and '05 (the later Moistboyz IV easily emerging as their greatest achievement) as well as the above DVD, Live Jihad. Mickey and Dickie (a.k.a. Guy Heller whom astute Ween fans will recognize as the vocalist on Pure Guava's "Flies On My Dick") channel the Stooges to a tee in their amazing 75-minute audience assault. Recorded at NYC's Bowery Ballroom, the boys tear through 18 choice tracks showcasing their entire back catalog, including some of the primitive drum machine epics ("Carjack", "U Blow") from their days on Mike D's long gone Grand Royal Records. Man, how punk is that? Anyways, audio ripped direct from DVD, blah, blah, best quality I can figure out how to get. I would love to hear a Moistboyz V someday, shit man, just as they were getting interesting...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third Time's A Charm...

First off, my lazy non-posting ass got burned for being lazy and not posting. I had planned to upload Pathology's brutal Awaken To The Suffering tonight but discovered both The Living Doorway and Slamming Brutal Death beat me to the sucker kidney punch by a cunt hair. Like my bank account these days, a day late and a fucking dollar short, no? So I decided to fall back on a guilty pleasure - the final statement by Boston rapcore homiez Reveille - 2001's Bleed The Sky. I've waxed poetic of Reveille in the pages of this blog before; easily my favorite rap/metal band; to me they had enough of a snotty Bah-stun punk vibe to make their oft-cheesy nü metal sound work. And the guitar playing is hands down amazing. Their riffs fucking roll up and down the neck like nothing I've heard before or since. I caught Reveille opening for fellow nü-metallers Primer 55 at a club downtown many a year ago (on the fucking Wednesday before Thanksgiving, no less) and was amazed by how damn young they were! Christ, I was almost embarrassed shaking their hands after the set, worried they'd be like "who the fuck was that old dude?" But enough of whatever quarter-life crisis issues I was dealing with at the time - this album absolutely rules. Poetic, heavy, kitschy and weirdly Irish (listen to it and you'll kinda hear what I'm talking about), Bleed The Sky is an amazing 70 minutes. "Plastic" has got to be in the top 10 of the most amazing songs ever recorded - it is that epic and easily worth the download. 

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Best. Compilation. Ever.

The thing about comps is they tend to let you down. Yeah, you buy it for the one band on it and end up clicking the "next" button a lot. Occasionally you stumble upon a diamond in the rough, though. The incredible Apocalyptic Convulsions 10" (this blog's first post and a watershed album for me), Judgement Night soundtrack, and hell, even the Easy Rider soundtrack. Included on that exclusive list is the above double 7" comp released in 2001, Twin Threat To Your Sanity. Whoever decided to compile these four sludge giants on wax deserves many a free bar tab in my book. Dystopia open with a soundcheck take (maybe before their oft-bootlegged KJFC show?) of "Diary Of A Battered Child,"  Noothgrush follow with an amazing live cover of Celtic Frost's "Procreation Of The Wicked," Bongzilla adds a live version of "Gestation" to the mix, and the godly Corrupted close this slab of smear with the epic "Nieve." Unbelievable bands, fantastic songs, easily one of the best releases of the last decade. Enjoy then kill yourself.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take A Chance Kid

I thought I'd drop a sequel to my last post showcasing another band that was a tad "too little too late" for the saturated U.S. pop punk scene yet became a huge hit across the Pacific. Zebrahead hailed from Orange County, CA and made a bit of a stir with their nü-metally/punkish Waste Of Mind in 1998 (which I still think is their best album). Thanks to the explosive pop punk oversaturation led by Blink-182 in the coming years, however, Zebrahead all but faded into obscurity on this side of the pond (I'm sure it also didn't help their albums were way down in the forgotten "XYZ" section at most record stores, but that's just me). Yet, like previous post Insolence, Japan thought these fuckers were huge. They remain huge in the land of the rising sun - records consistently go gold and their tours are massive. Which is why I decided to post the audio to 2003's concert DVD release The Show Must Go Off! Recorded at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA, the band amply tears through a respectable sampling of their releases, my only question is: "why record the show in California?" Why not somewhere in Japan where you have a way more solid fan base? It gets tiring hearing vocalist Justin Mauriello's constant attempt to pump up the crowd; he actually gets booed ad-libbing the "Fuck Fuck Fuck" tune from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. I woulda told the crowd to fuck off, taken their parents' cash and headed back to my mansion in in Kyoto. I'm sure it was a homecoming event to them and all that but go where the bread and butter is my friends and fuck the locals. Regardless, I think it's a great 80 minutes, enjoy.

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