Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third Time's A Charm...

First off, my lazy non-posting ass got burned for being lazy and not posting. I had planned to upload Pathology's brutal Awaken To The Suffering tonight but discovered both The Living Doorway and Slamming Brutal Death beat me to the sucker kidney punch by a cunt hair. Like my bank account these days, a day late and a fucking dollar short, no? So I decided to fall back on a guilty pleasure - the final statement by Boston rapcore homiez Reveille - 2001's Bleed The Sky. I've waxed poetic of Reveille in the pages of this blog before; easily my favorite rap/metal band; to me they had enough of a snotty Bah-stun punk vibe to make their oft-cheesy nü metal sound work. And the guitar playing is hands down amazing. Their riffs fucking roll up and down the neck like nothing I've heard before or since. I caught Reveille opening for fellow nü-metallers Primer 55 at a club downtown many a year ago (on the fucking Wednesday before Thanksgiving, no less) and was amazed by how damn young they were! Christ, I was almost embarrassed shaking their hands after the set, worried they'd be like "who the fuck was that old dude?" But enough of whatever quarter-life crisis issues I was dealing with at the time - this album absolutely rules. Poetic, heavy, kitschy and weirdly Irish (listen to it and you'll kinda hear what I'm talking about), Bleed The Sky is an amazing 70 minutes. "Plastic" has got to be in the top 10 of the most amazing songs ever recorded - it is that epic and easily worth the download. 

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