Friday, September 30, 2011

I Just Broke Up With Jim O'Croce

"Formed in Detroit, with unholy blasphemies on Easter Sunday 1993. Started performing live desecration rituals in 1994. Vowed to never play live again in 2003. Reunited in 2007 and played 2 shows (Chicago/LA). Re-vowed to never play live again 2008. Actively recording terror/metal/noise. New songs coming soon!!!" (from their rarely updated Myspace page)

Same old pathetic story, the only reason I found this band was blindly searching "anal" or "cunt" or whatever orifice I could think of on Tower Records' website (a la Porn) many a year ago; the Rats had a song called "Anal Cunt Is Gay" so welcome to my CD collection guys! Still, "Last Day Of The Sun" is a great fucking 45 seconds. And I've always just assumed that cover artwork is from that Mr. Bungle guy...
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