Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Live Jihad

Man, the first half of the 2000's was fucking awesome for Ween fans. Starting with the wonderful White Pepper at the start of the millennium, the brothers built up to the incredible Quebec in '03 amongst a bevy of rare live CD releases through those sweet years. Additionally, Deaner jump-started his long-quiet side project Moistboyz and let loose two releases in '02 and '05 (the later Moistboyz IV easily emerging as their greatest achievement) as well as the above DVD, Live Jihad. Mickey and Dickie (a.k.a. Guy Heller whom astute Ween fans will recognize as the vocalist on Pure Guava's "Flies On My Dick") channel the Stooges to a tee in their amazing 75-minute audience assault. Recorded at NYC's Bowery Ballroom, the boys tear through 18 choice tracks showcasing their entire back catalog, including some of the primitive drum machine epics ("Carjack", "U Blow") from their days on Mike D's long gone Grand Royal Records. Man, how punk is that? Anyways, audio ripped direct from DVD, blah, blah, best quality I can figure out how to get. I would love to hear a Moistboyz V someday, shit man, just as they were getting interesting...

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