Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cunty Cunty Cunty Cunt

Drunkenly searching "cunt" in the iTunes Store many a year ago I stumbled upon a curious 65-song album aptly titled The Cunt Chronicles: The Best Of Shat. Most of the songs barely eclipsed the one-minute mark, for once iTunes' preview window actually gave a good indication of what to expect. Ten bucks and thirty seconds later I was introduced to the world of Jeff Wood, an ex-singer for the Dillinger Escape Plan (which had I known at the time I may have passed... not a big math metal fan) who was still reeling from a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head that seemingly skewed his world view into a murky miasma of sleaze, shit and snatch. In a word: amazing. Cunt Chronicles is as much a punk album as a comedy show, each song a hilarious routine ("I Fuck My Pillow" a personal fave) but pulled off totally straight-faced by a competent band able to switch styles from parody to punk without missing a beat. Shat actually stopped by Richmond in support of their Cuntree release; playing a pathetic little sushi (!) restaurant for barely 10 people, the boys still got dressed in their Sticky-the-clown-gone-bad dildo costumes and ripped an awesome show, giving it all they had for what probably netted them $15 and a couple warm California rolls. Amazingly they made it back to town last year, this time in some dilapidated pool hall trying to attract new customers by masquerading as a punk club (update: they failed), for their Cunt-A-Doodle Doo tour. I wormed my way through many a redneck to where Jeff was selling his Shat-gear and I gotta say he came off as an incredibly nice guy. Actually ended up chatting me up for a while - this from a dude gearing up to don a G-string and dildo helmet in front of 20 drunken strangers armed with beer bottles and pool sticks. Anyways, here's the album of that night, the aforementioned Cunt-A-Doodle Doo featuring 50 new tracks of cunt-hearted goodness. Cell phone. Wallet. Keys. That's all you fucking need. He's selling the CD for a paltry $5 here (motha fucka's gotta eat!) so man up and buy the shit. Pretend you're donating to New Jersey flood relief and write it off on your taxes you cheap cunt. 

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