Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take A Chance Kid

I thought I'd drop a sequel to my last post showcasing another band that was a tad "too little too late" for the saturated U.S. pop punk scene yet became a huge hit across the Pacific. Zebrahead hailed from Orange County, CA and made a bit of a stir with their nü-metally/punkish Waste Of Mind in 1998 (which I still think is their best album). Thanks to the explosive pop punk oversaturation led by Blink-182 in the coming years, however, Zebrahead all but faded into obscurity on this side of the pond (I'm sure it also didn't help their albums were way down in the forgotten "XYZ" section at most record stores, but that's just me). Yet, like previous post Insolence, Japan thought these fuckers were huge. They remain huge in the land of the rising sun - records consistently go gold and their tours are massive. Which is why I decided to post the audio to 2003's concert DVD release The Show Must Go Off! Recorded at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA, the band amply tears through a respectable sampling of their releases, my only question is: "why record the show in California?" Why not somewhere in Japan where you have a way more solid fan base? It gets tiring hearing vocalist Justin Mauriello's constant attempt to pump up the crowd; he actually gets booed ad-libbing the "Fuck Fuck Fuck" tune from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. I woulda told the crowd to fuck off, taken their parents' cash and headed back to my mansion in in Kyoto. I'm sure it was a homecoming event to them and all that but go where the bread and butter is my friends and fuck the locals. Regardless, I think it's a great 80 minutes, enjoy.

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