Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grudge Are...

Sanyo - Vocals
Mito - Guitar
Nakayama - Drums
行み - Bass

Recorded and Mixed in Studio Nest 24.6.94 1.7.94
Engineered by Kikuchi-San
All Music Written and Directed by Sinyo
Translated by Atsushi
All Produced by Grudge
Contact Grudge:
4-4-10 Nishinippori, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo, T116 JAPAN

Not much else info exists (here or elsewhere) on the band. Three incredible tracks of sludgy grindcore in just over 6 minutes. From their 1994 split 7-incher with Swedish gorelords Regurgitate. Enjoy. 

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Friday, June 24, 2011

River City Sampler

Stumbled upon this local obscurity last night, a 1993 snapshot showcasing five bands from RVA trying to catch up with what Seattle was then usurping the MTV market with. Nothing immediately standout, but all the bands have a good track or two except for Schwa - what the fuck man - "Our God In Heaven" is probably the worst song I have heard in a long time. Each band has a style that can probably be compared to a more popular grunge/post-metal band from the era (The Technical Jed = Toadies, Burst Into Flames = Breeders, etc.) but it's still good listening - and what the fuck else were they gonna do at the time? I gotta say I was actually pretty into a few of the songs, especially "Cartoon Train" and "Candy's Gone." Each of the bands have since faded into nothingness or spawned some other moderate local efforts but nothing hugely notable. Regardless, it was a nice find in the endless stacks of CDs collecting dust in grocery bags around the band room

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lady Sniff

Stolen from the almighty Death Burger since I couldn't have said it any better (or worse)... "What 'bout some more crazed melodies played by those dirty-eeky Butthole Surfers, ya'll honey-bees?! This 1989 4-track ep on Blast First records (England) is just great tmo, Butt-Surf at its best: Whether they painfully smoke bong, take a ballad, go nutz inna helicopter or rage full-on with "BOOZE! TOBACCO! Dope! Pussy! Cars! HAAAAAAAAaa!!!, I love 'em just the way they are."
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

18 Years Ago Today...

June 19, 1993. Anal Cunt performing 11 classic minutes of blur at Wilmer's Park in rural Brandywine, MD. Featuring both John Kozik and Fred Ordonez on guitar accompanying Tim Morse on drums. Seth is drunk and hilarious, Tim wants to pick a fight with the crowd while John and Fred jerk off their guitar necks in perfect harmony. And then you get the token Cletus redneck sound guy (in cut-off jean shorts and a big ass mesh tractor cap) who cuts them off at the end. Video was ripped from a pretty good VHS source tape and is better resolution then most of the copies you'll find on YouTube. In m4v format ready for Quicktime or your iPod. Happy Father's Day.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Go BRUINS!!! Fuck Yeah!!!

What better way to celebrate the Boston Bruins amazing victory tonight then by giving props to Rat City's seminal hardcore band Siege. Drop Dead, their only album is a bootlegged 6-song demo tacked onto their only "real" recording: three songs for Pushead's 1985 Cleanse The Bacteria comp LP. Best fucking 14 minutes of hardcore ever - I don't know how drummer Rob Williams does it. While you can probably find the audio everywhere on the net, I added a nice uncompressed bonus video of Siege ripping out 10 minutes of power violence for Public Access TV. Better quality (tho' that's not saying too much) than what you'll find on YouTube. Anyways, I'm about 15 beers deep and tired of typing - fuck the Canucks, Tim Thomas rules and I am out.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Ol' Detroit Scumfuckin'

One of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with via U.S. mail was fellow GG Allin fan Skeeter Rider - some might remember him as one of the first audience guests to stand up (and give ol' J.C. props!) during GG's infamous appearance on the Jerry Springer Show. Alongside running the definitive GG Allin Mailorder, Skeeter also sang lead vocals for Michigan rockers Vomitose - monikered in honor of the ex-band primitively tattooed on GG's chest. Also featuring Jay from Wheelchair Motherfuckers and Dan and Ted of Soiled Betty, the "new" Vomitose (seemingly still around per their website) planned to record some hand-selected tunes with GG during the summer of 1993 for a retrospective CD. As typical luck would have it, the recording session never came to fruition ("too bad Mark Hejnar picked him up from jail") and GG was dead by the end of August. Per Skeeter, the "tunes were still fresh in our heads so we said 'let's go ahead and record 'em anyway'" which they did New Years Day 1994. What you get are 13 tracks spanning GG's career covered by a band who obviously loved what they were playing. The cassette was remastered and officially pro-dubbed later in 1994 but this is the raw, original version complete with tape hiss and hilariously bad between-song samples. With an exclusive 5-minute interview between Skeeter and GG to finish it all up. What a great record and big thanks Skeeter for all the great merchandise over the years. And I am happy to report that he is still at it - check out his massive webstore here.

In case anyone's interested, the original Vomitose supposedly consisted of Jeff Collins (guitar), Jeff Standford (guitar), Brent Dupont (drums), Matt Lane (bass) and GG (screaming animal) and never got around to really doing anything. Allin claimed they were together for about 10 minutes while Bloody F. Mess recalled GG "beat them up" after a brief stay in his Hated In The Nation #2 zine. Check out the only artwork I've seen actually acknowledging the band (thank you Mr. Mess) here.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

R.I.P. Mr. Putnam

Thank you for the laughs....

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Rapin' Your Wallet

One of the lousier posthumous GG Allin bootlegs on the market, 1994's Rapin' The Vault serves up some then-rare stuff which has mostly been re-released more legitimately in years since. First up is 1977's hilarious Malpractice single, 2 cheesy tracks of oversexed poppy bar rock ("Love Tunnel" and "Devil's Triangle" - catch a theme here?) featuring the future scumfuc on drums and brother Merle on bass. Next up is a hilarious radio show outtake (?) from October '86 featuring David Peel and the Lower East Side, Howie Zowie and a couple other folks (Steve Dasinger?, Loose Bruce?) jamming out some riotous acoustic tunes in pure scumfuc fashion. From what I can gather, it was recorded while GG was in NYC gearing up for his infamous Cat Club show that weekend (he mentions having the notorious bar of Ex-Lax) as well as cutting his Hated In The Nation tracks with the New York Superscum. GG comes off sloppy and sleazy, his fresh New Hampshah accent is in full swing as he tries to throw every scatalogical comment in the book at the mic. I guess he was trying to pump himself up - "when my daughtah gets to be ten I'm gonna fuck her" - wow. A few rehearsal tracks with the Texas Nazis before the epic Boozing And Pranks show (Dallas 1985) are next, purists will recognize them from the über rare self-released Sing Along Love Songs tape. Some live tracks from the 1986 "Pete's Basement Bash" Peoria, IL show (which would eventually show up on Insult & Injury Volume 2 - The Bloody Years) follow. Rounding out the cassette is the Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be radio ad most of us first heard on Dirty Love Songs followed by a bunch of GG and the Jabbers live stuff from 1982. While the liner notes say it's culled from shows in New York and Boston it's only half-right; in actuality the songs are ripped from 1982's Tasteless Animal Noise cassette featuring live sets from Club Merrimac (Merrimac, NH), the Living Room (Providence, RI), the Channel (Boston, MA) and the West Haven Dump (West Haven, CT) all strung together into one “complete” show (once again I think this eventually made it out on another Insult & Injury release). If this all sounds tantalizing, let me warn you that the quality is awful. Source material was probably third or fourth-generation tapes (rough in quality to begin with) and the limitations really show. According to the press release, Rapin' The Vault was digitally mastered on a DAT Deck - really? Because I usually spend a lot of money to digitally master something only to showcase it on a bargain basement TDK D60 cassette complete with a xeroxed paper cover (maybe someone from Milkbag Productions can prove me wrong but I won't hold my breath). Don't be fooled, this compilation is the pinnacle of riding the postmortem wave and while there are some laughs here and there I still can't believe I shelled out $8 for it.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tasteless Tunes

Figured I'd finally get off my ass and upload a few more "hits" from Boston scumlords Bulge. First off is their 1993 7" L.O.A.D. (Legions Of Anal Doom, 'natch). Sadly the band's swan song, the slab showcases three sloppy tracks of tardcore including a re-recorded "Ballad Of Ron Jeremy" that true fans will note appeared a few years earlier on the amazing Ax/ction Records Apocalyptic Convulsions comp LP. Turn down the treble and enjoy - I was going to try my hand at mastering it somewhat but couldn't really make it sound any better (or worse) then it was, which is saying a lot. Up next is their (also 1993) Tasteless retrospective cassette. Since the tape features their 1991 LP Penis Rising which is already available here as well as the aforementioned L.O.A.D. 7", I only ripped the "one bonus song," a cheerful 20-second ditty titled "AIDS Hog" which is less of a song then sample and has its origins on on Slap-A-Ham's 1991 compilation Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - The Record. Anyways, hopefully it's the smell of a Bruins' victory in the air tonight that got me going on the Beantown tip but enjoy the sleaze that only Anal Violator and Stinky Ass-Finger can bring ya.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dutch Shade Of Soul

When I wrote up the Limbomaniacs blurb a couple weeks ago I couldn't help thinking "whatever happened to Brussels' Urban Dance Squad?" Of course we all remember them from their quasi-hit "Deeper Shade Of Soul" back in the early 90's but was that it?? Evidently not, I was one of the few who got their next album, Life 'N' Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover which was actually more memorable for its create-your-own sticker art cover then the music. Yeah, it was fun and they had a bit of a hit with "Crossover" but better bands were beginning to hijack their already stolen style and run away with it (hellooooo 2 Skinnee J's). Anyways, here's a promo CD of a couple tracks from the aforementioned album that completists may be interested in - enjoy.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gettin' Bent Every Night Is The Thing We Do...

Huge debut album from these Orange County, CA rappers, this CD didn't leave my car stereo for months after I got it. One of those albums that take you right back to a time in your life - in my case it was summer '99. I had finally landed myself a good job, had cash, car, awesome apartment across the street from a bar, and more coke and weed then I knew what to do with. I'm not going to say it was the most productive three months of my life and to be honest it all came crashing down that fall (only to be given a shot a adrenaline at the millennium, thank you New Orleans) but fuck it, it was a whirlwind of drugs, booze and the occasional slut who found my stumbling drunk ass attractive. Royal Highness is the perfect party album, enough bounce for your umpteenth backyard BBQ alongside some great punkish Humble Gods-assisted anthems. I tried to keep up with the 'Kings for a couple albums after this one but they were never the same after Saint Dog left - without a doubt this is the must-have entry in their inconsistent discography.

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