Thursday, June 16, 2011

Go BRUINS!!! Fuck Yeah!!!

What better way to celebrate the Boston Bruins amazing victory tonight then by giving props to Rat City's seminal hardcore band Siege. Drop Dead, their only album is a bootlegged 6-song demo tacked onto their only "real" recording: three songs for Pushead's 1985 Cleanse The Bacteria comp LP. Best fucking 14 minutes of hardcore ever - I don't know how drummer Rob Williams does it. While you can probably find the audio everywhere on the net, I added a nice uncompressed bonus video of Siege ripping out 10 minutes of power violence for Public Access TV. Better quality (tho' that's not saying too much) than what you'll find on YouTube. Anyways, I'm about 15 beers deep and tired of typing - fuck the Canucks, Tim Thomas rules and I am out.

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