Friday, June 24, 2011

River City Sampler

Stumbled upon this local obscurity last night, a 1993 snapshot showcasing five bands from RVA trying to catch up with what Seattle was then usurping the MTV market with. Nothing immediately standout, but all the bands have a good track or two except for Schwa - what the fuck man - "Our God In Heaven" is probably the worst song I have heard in a long time. Each band has a style that can probably be compared to a more popular grunge/post-metal band from the era (The Technical Jed = Toadies, Burst Into Flames = Breeders, etc.) but it's still good listening - and what the fuck else were they gonna do at the time? I gotta say I was actually pretty into a few of the songs, especially "Cartoon Train" and "Candy's Gone." Each of the bands have since faded into nothingness or spawned some other moderate local efforts but nothing hugely notable. Regardless, it was a nice find in the endless stacks of CDs collecting dust in grocery bags around the band room

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