Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gettin' Bent Every Night Is The Thing We Do...

Huge debut album from these Orange County, CA rappers, this CD didn't leave my car stereo for months after I got it. One of those albums that take you right back to a time in your life - in my case it was summer '99. I had finally landed myself a good job, had cash, car, awesome apartment across the street from a bar, and more coke and weed then I knew what to do with. I'm not going to say it was the most productive three months of my life and to be honest it all came crashing down that fall (only to be given a shot a adrenaline at the millennium, thank you New Orleans) but fuck it, it was a whirlwind of drugs, booze and the occasional slut who found my stumbling drunk ass attractive. Royal Highness is the perfect party album, enough bounce for your umpteenth backyard BBQ alongside some great punkish Humble Gods-assisted anthems. I tried to keep up with the 'Kings for a couple albums after this one but they were never the same after Saint Dog left - without a doubt this is the must-have entry in their inconsistent discography.

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