Saturday, May 21, 2011

Silly Satan

Oh man, I remember being so excited when I found this record at Princeton Record Exchange back in the 80's. I had heard of the band from something on TV, whether it was Geraldo or A Current Affair or some other generic "Satanic Bands On The Rampage" scare-show I'll never remember; whatever it was, Coven was being branded among its peers of Venom and Slayer as the absolute "worst of the worst." Seeing how I had never heard of the band (all the while thinking I was really down with what was going on in the underground metal world) my curiosity was definitely piqued. Sheesh, what a letdown! All the ranting I made about Northwinds' equally awful debut apply here - cheesy post-glam thrash with some of the lousiest Overkill-esque vocals I've ever heard. "6669", really? How more Beavis and Butthead can you get? And how many times can a band say "Satan" on a record - yo, we get it dudes. I'm sure there are some metal fans out there that would defend ol' Coven by pointing out the similarities to devil-music institutions Bathory and Venom - fine. All I can say is thank you Norway for reinventing black metal - if Blessed Is The Black is any indication of where it was going than Satan help us all. "Worst of the worst?" What a fucking laugh.

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