Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't be fooled by the cover... no evil here

The band's bio on Black & Blue Records' website says this NJ Aquanet atrocity "pioneered Black Metal". Really? That's surprising since the band themselves describe their sound as "Gothic New Age Speed Metal" - and this was back in 1990. Well, to be honest, neither genre label is correct - Northwinds was one of the many post-heavy metal bands floating around NJ club circuit back in the late 80's. Ridiculous hair, ridiculous outfits and, most notably, a ridiculous sound. Cheesy generic metal with an absolutely awful lead singer (think the worst Overkill song you've ever heard) wailing through each song. It's a glam band trying to be "hard" by singing about PG-rated Gothic horror instead of chicks and it just falls flat, absolutely no originality anywhere. And the token Satan references are neither scary or silly, just retarded as the singer tries to James Hetfield-growl his way through the lyrics. But the crème de la crème is the last track, "Generic Mosh Song In E - Song One, Part V, Poser Boys Die!" Yeah, we get the joke, your mouth will drop open in amazement when you hear this one.

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