Saturday, March 27, 2010

For God Sakes Jim!

During my senior year in highschool a few of the guys in my grade got together and formed one of the better local funk/punk acts that I've seen before or since. The year was 1990, the band was Juan Valdez And The Spanish Flies, and twenty years later the songs are still catchy and original enough to compete with today's glut of garage band material. I was lucky enough to be friendly with a few of the guys and get this cassette of their studio sessions, as well as record one of their rehearsal jams for an upcoming show opening for the now-legendary Bouncing Souls (also from my highschool). Good tunes ("Ode To The Lonely" to this day is still one of my favorite anti-redneck rants), good jams and good memories. Rock on Juan.

8.2.14 update: Here's a brand new, completely unofficial quasi-remastered rip of the original cassette with a significant focus on retaining the thump of the bass (after all it is a funk band). Sounds as good as DIY home stereo dubbed demos can... amazing this fucker is nearly 25 years old.


Angelo Zannone said...

Holy crap! I googled them and found your site.
I'd love to hear that remastered but the file has expired.
I'm also from RHS and remember at least one show when they opened for the souls.
I also was In a band with tony b and another BR musician Keith p a few years later.
I would gladly send some cash for a copy of this album, hope you see this!

winston95 said...

Hey Angelo - good to hear from a fellow RH grad! I am happy to let you know I just re-upped the file. Get in touch with me via gmail and I'll write more. I'd be happy to send ya a lossless CDr of the rip I did this summer, just need to know where to send it. See ya man and take care.