Thursday, March 11, 2010

German nuttiness...

Anal Massaker are the less-produced, more retarded, not as witty German version of Anal Cunt (they even have a song called "Another A.C. Song") - they surfaced around 1989 and thanks to Schnauf Records got a few 7-inchers released to solidify their status as early blur pioneers (or plagiarists depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on). I can't tell if the record is recorded live or in a room with a bunch of friends, there is definite applause but it seems too sparse to be from a live gig. Or maybe that was the extent of the grind audience back then. While terribly recorded, mixed and rehearsed, Bis Wir Schielen has a definite charm, a good groove starting off each 30-second blast of noise. During this recording they were a 3-piece; guitarist/founder Toni Mastropaolo has since converted the band into a more annoying noisecore solo project (y'know the ones with the one-track 948 Songs releases). Too bad, a throwback old-school A.C. vs. A.M. 7" record would have really started the 2010's off right.

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