Friday, March 12, 2010

Bootleg Boston Blur

Since my last post had me putzing around the "Anal" section of my CD case, I decided to revisit this rarity. From a watershed blur band who hates bootlegs, Harmonized Noize doesn't sound too bad, I'm lucky to have gotten it on an actual CD(!) before the glut of iffy mp3's and blogs oversaturated the web. As far as I can tell it's ripped from the soundboard, yeah there's some tape hiss and all but overall it's OK. Track 1 (live in Germany) sounds a bit cleaner than Track 2 (live in Holland) but there's a lot more audience banter taking up time (as well as Seth playing harmonica and doing his best/worst black face impressions). Contradictory info abounds on the actual sources of the material, some argue both shows are in Germany; regardless, both are from 1991 when Anal Cunt was supporting their (awesome) Another E.P. release. They mostly play their classic blur material we all know and love but throw in a few surprises such as the "Riverbottom Nightmare Band" cover from Another E.P. and "Shit Scum" from Seth's other musical(?) project. For the completists out there, Mike Mahan's live banter from Everyone Should Be Killed's "Shut Up Mike" ("we'd, um, like to thank, uh, Satanic Malfunction....") is from the Holland show - kinda cool to hear it unedited. Solid gigs, funny banter, and you gotta laugh at the confused German guy yelling "Scheiße! Scheiße!" throughout the set.

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