Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Size Ain't Shit


One of the cooler things about doing a blog is revisiting music you wouldn't normally be listening to. For some reason, I've been pulling out a lot of my old rap CDs lately and finding some excellent diamonds in the rough. The other day I posted Choice's somewhat lackluster debut and hinted at the greatness of the above album, The Geto Boys. Def American producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin discovered the Houston-based quartet, hosed off the Rap-A-Lot mediocrity, and created a near-perfect rap album. My only complaint is "City Under Seige" - what were they thinking with that??? Interestingly, this album caused a whole lot of controversy when it was released in 1990 (Warner Bros. actually balked at pressing the CD); and while still arguably shocking today, it is no match to some of the sadistic, murderous, hateful mysogyny you can find anywhere (including this blog!) There's more brutal stuff on prime-time CSI these days then what the 'Boys talked about in "Mind Of A Lunatic". Wow, how times change. Dig it

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