Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hit me again...

Another random collection of live material from brothers Gene and Dean Ween, this compilation has some real gems. A wonderful, 30-minute rendition of Pink Floyd's "Echoes", an Allman Brothers medley, and nice covers of "War Pigs" and "Stella Blue". It's a shame the mp3's are rather crappy ("Echoes" is at, get this, 32 kbps... really?!? 32?) but the music still shines through, including a requisite "Poopship Destroyer" dirge and some relatively obscure Ween originals ("Shalom Absalom" and "Junky Boy"). Enjoy another taste of a band who is obviously playing for fun - they're gearing up for their East Coast tour as I write this so catch 'em if you can!!!

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