Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mean Murderous Metal


Have you ever seen I Spit On Your Grave? Great flick, but seriously, when you're done fast-forwarding through it you gotta admit there is absolutely nothing redeeming about it. No humor (not even black humor), no real "message", and even the "hick rapists get it in the end" plot line leaves you smacking with a somewhat bad taste in your mouth. You sort of feel filthy just for watching it. Same with Fornicator's self-titled LP, one of the more obscure hatecore bands off of legendary black-metal label Moribund Records. Kinda sounding like the gay sons of the Raunchous Brothers, ANTiSEEN or Cocknoose, they have the southern metal twang to them amid the obligatory horror movie/CNN samples. But what the hell, ya gotta love any band pulling out a GG Allin cover!

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Czar Nicholas said...

Holy shit this is retardedly good.