Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Danbury, CT DIY

TPOS Records was started in 1984 by Floridian punkers Malcolm Tent and his buddy Santo in order to release their band, Broken Talent's first 7" (the name is an anagram for The Piece Of Shit - a self-published zine by the duo). The label eventually relocated to Connecticut and continues to this day to shine as a true diamond in the DIY music scene. For its 100th release in 1994, TPOS put together a giant tome entitled Destroy All Mediocrity which included a 12", 10", 7", cassette, zine, little poetry book and other assorted odds and ends. The Mop Tape is that cassette, a collection of tracks that never seemed to find the light of day. Per Malcolm's liner notes:

"Cockroaches" is from the LETHAL YELLOW 7" that was originally slated for release as TPOS 009. The YELLOWS backed out, deciding to release the record on their own, short lived label.
"Hallowe'en" is the unmixed, unedited version that we toyed with as fodder for a 12" single.
"I Wanna Be Your Dog" probably would have been on TPOS 037, had any of the bands gotten around to submitting tracks. (UNYN became ONION, by the way.)
"Calf...Yeah" may or may not be on the Thom Mystery project someday.
"Dream" probably would have been on TPOS 051 had I not lost interest in the whole thing.
"Pulse" was originally going to be the A-side to TPOS 070.5, but the boys made a last minute decision to use "Vampires" instead.
This tape was originally going to be 60 minutes long. Maybe for TPOS 200 I'll include the mop material from The Mop Tape. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this really good stuff that fell out of the bucket.

There ya go, some great music from some great bands, every track oozes its own style and charm. The label is still around, so some of these tunes may have found themselves onto other releases - check 'em out and support independent!

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