Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lucifer comes to Louisville...

Going over some of these blogs and digging into my music collection, I've come to the realization that I've had the tendency at certain points in my life to buy up everything associated with whatever band I was really into. Stumbling upon Kinghorse's self-titled CD is a perfect case in point. Late 80's had me in full Misfits/Samhain mode - Glenn Danzig hadn't got annoying yet and when I discovered this Louisville, KY band's debut LP was produced by the guy (you should actually see the back of the CD cover, Danzig's name is in huge banner headline print) I had to have it. They have to be great... right? Well, maybe not so much. Surprisingly, the album sounds a little thin, from what I've read Kinghorse had a really insane live show and I can't say it's captured here. The music is fine, pretty standard post-heavy metal thrash, nothing too original. I'm not sure what Danzig brought to the table here (other than his name and Pushead), yeah, it's sorta dark and brooding in the November Coming Fire style (and just as poorly recorded) but that's it. Lead singer Sean Garrison was a regional Fiend Club president back in the day and a previous incarnation of Kinghorse called Maurice opened for Samhain several times so maybe they were just old friends. Regardless, the band has achieved significant cult status around its hometown, good for them. I've thought of selling this CD many a time over the years but am glad I've held onto it, funny snapshot into my "gotta have everything Danzig" phase of 1990.

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