Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prepare To Lower Your Expectations...

I don't know why I feel like getting on this rant again, it's my typical porngrind bitching about delicious song titles/band names that trick you into 20 seconds of a crappy VHS horror-movie sample followed by an over-amplified minute of under-produced drum machine "grind" punctuated by over-processed gurgles and oinks. So with that being said, what's left to add about Honker Heaven? As far as samplers go (hell it was only $5) it's not too bad; evidently showcasing some of the better bands in the genre which ain't saying much but is at least a start. Obese's two tracks are nicely slamming, Tumour seem pretty competent as cybergrind legends, Methadone Abortion Clinic appear well-produced (just lose the fucking drum machine!) and good ol' Anal Penetration rocks out pretty well for a one-man show. I even kinda dug the Uterus tracks. As for the other "bands," Necrofuckinglicious is a rather worthless entrant and Pregnant Fetus' unoriginal tunes just go on waaaay too long (at over two minutes you're asking a LOT guys). MDK and Carnival Of Carnage both emerge as dull, low-rent filler while Succulent Torso and Mucopurulence Excretor are exactly the bands I whined about earlier; completely indistinguishable from nearly everything else in the genre. Yet again I ask myself what else was I supposed to anticipate on a sampler from Fart Out The Cum Productions? I guess not much - just hoping someone will someday put together some porno-cyber-gore-whatever-grind that really lives up to the name.

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