Friday, June 10, 2011

Tasteless Tunes

Figured I'd finally get off my ass and upload a few more "hits" from Boston scumlords Bulge. First off is their 1993 7" L.O.A.D. (Legions Of Anal Doom, 'natch). Sadly the band's swan song, the slab showcases three sloppy tracks of tardcore including a re-recorded "Ballad Of Ron Jeremy" that true fans will note appeared a few years earlier on the amazing Ax/ction Records Apocalyptic Convulsions comp LP. Turn down the treble and enjoy - I was going to try my hand at mastering it somewhat but couldn't really make it sound any better (or worse) then it was, which is saying a lot. Up next is their (also 1993) Tasteless retrospective cassette. Since the tape features their 1991 LP Penis Rising which is already available here as well as the aforementioned L.O.A.D. 7", I only ripped the "one bonus song," a cheerful 20-second ditty titled "AIDS Hog" which is less of a song then sample and has its origins on on Slap-A-Ham's 1991 compilation Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - The Record. Anyways, hopefully it's the smell of a Bruins' victory in the air tonight that got me going on the Beantown tip but enjoy the sleaze that only Anal Violator and Stinky Ass-Finger can bring ya.

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Lo-Res Viscera said...

Thanks for droppin' me a line - glad to see you back in action - postin' up the quality stuff!